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Equally, avoid pics taken the next day after a big night.

You in a kitchen laden with empty bottles, dressed in a onesie, still wearing last night’s make up and clutching an empty tub of Haagen-Dazs might not send the right message to potential dates.

In contrast, some outer coastal areas experienced a glacial forebulge (uplift) effect that caused relative sea levels to drop to as much as 150 m below present levels.

Between these inner and outer coasts, we hypothesize that there would have been an area where sea level remained relatively stable, despite regional and global trends in sea level change.

Ok, we admit we’re exaggerating a bit on this one but you get the idea.

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I could have easily taken that data, loaded it into Have I been pwned (HIBP), perhaps pinged a few reporters on it then gone on my way. Firstly, Instant Checkmate would have been completely blindsided by the story.To address this hypothesis, we use pond basin coring, diatom analysis, archaeological site testing, sedimentary exposure sampling, and radiocarbon dating to construct sea level histories for the Hakai Passage region.Our data include 106 newly reported radiocarbon ages from key coastal sites that together support the thesis that this area has experienced a relatively stable sea level over the last 15,000 calendar years.But if you’re delving into the past by more than that, make sure there aren’t any clues in the shot that give away just how old it is.So perhaps avoid the pic of you with the ‘Rachel’ haircut and an All Saints CD on the table next to you. Don’t get us wrong – there’s a place for studio photography.Emergency medical workers responding to a 911 call from the friend declared DJ AM dead at the scene. DJ AM, whose real name is Adam Goldstein, had twittered recently that he had finished wrapping up an MTV reality show about drug addiction.Prescription drugs and a crack pipe were found at the scene.During the peak of the Last Glacial Maximum of the Pleistocene, global eustatic sea level was as low as 120 m below present (Fairbanks, 1989 ; Peltier and Fairbanks, 2006) and many coastal regions that were located away from ice sheets saw an appreciable drop in relative sea level.With post glacial eustatic sea level rise, past shorelines are now deeply submerged along most of the earth's coasts.Anyone who’s spent any time in the online dating world has no doubt seen a stream of dodgy dating profile photos – you know, the ones that make you crack up, cringe and/or send to your friend before instantly deciding this person isn’t for you.So how do you avoid these pitfalls in your own photos? Seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people think it’s a good idea to use a photo of themselves half way through a night on the Jagerbombs.