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Learning French online via Skype is flexible, convenient and easy !Podcast: Play in new window | Download (32.6MB) How much do you know about osteopathy?If speaking is what you’d like to work on, you can use Skype lessons with a native French speaker. There are lots of images, videos and audio tools available to aid learning so it’s a much more interesting way to learn a language overall. Plus, you don’t have extra expenses like travel and lost hours.If you would prefer to focus on reading, writing or listening you can focus on more traditional, scholastic lessons. There’s so much out there on the internet that you can find the lessons that suit you best and fulfill your needs! In general, online lessons also allow you much more flexibility than the strict schedule of a language learning school. You can set yourself goals within a certain time frame.French online learning is particularly recommended for French conversation, French exam preparation and reinforcement.It’s one of the best ways to learn to speak French faster, because the stress is on oral skills.

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We’re undoubtedly excited and motivated about learning the language, but at the same time we’re plagued with self-doubt and uncertainty. The convenient nature of the internet means that if you want to learn a language, it’s really easy! When you’re learning online, the learning process becomes 100% portable.

Our French courses are open to all students, regardless their level in French (real beginners, beginners, intermediate, advanced), and have been specifically designed to enable them to understand and assimilate the rules governing the French language, improve their spoken French and also acquire the methodology for writing.

This allows students to make rapid and significant progress in learning the French language.

Our staff is comitted to offer personalized guidance to each student, by focusing on the specific needs of each one, in order to optimize the success of all.

Learn French – from a real French tutor – from the comfort of your home.

Don’t worry though, you can still see me via webcam (which we can also turn off for an extra challenge: you will have to be more focused and won’t be able to rely on visual clues anymore 😉 ).

I also use the chat board to write down the notes for you to see : vocab, examples, etc.

You can learn French at home or on the move, which is the ideal solution for people with busy jobs and/or family lives.

Learning online is the most convenient way to learn a language for people who don’t have time to go to lessons! You have the opportunity to exchange knowledge with people abroad.

Working with a live, online tutor from Elinet who motivates and supports you every step of the way is an exciting, powerful and convenient learning experience.

Using a webcam and a microphone, you will be able to see your university or college educated and certified tutor, and speak to him or her.