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Updating rockstar games

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Rockstar has never taken it lightly, but two new posts to the Rockstar Support forums have laid out some new, strict enforcement policies when it comes to stolen money.

The first post, titled "GTA Online October 2016 Illegitimately Gained In-Game Money Removal," addresses the immediate problem: Question: Why did I receive an alert when logging into 'GTA Online' saying that illegitimately gained in-game money was removed from my shared bank?

I mean, could you imagine if you took your car to the shop and the mechanic rolls out a bill and then you ask... Nevertheless, Rockstar has quickly remedied the problem (or at least, that's what the patch update says).

Even in an open-world game where you rob, murder, drive around the city in a tank blowing up cars and assault civilians with attack helicopters, there are rules.

In the world of Grand Theft Auto Online, developer Rockstar Games is like the police officer handing down sentences.

Additionally, there will be "expansions" for executive office buildings, while you'll be able to build executive office garages that can be up to three stories high and house as many as 60 vehicles.

The garages can be customized, while you can also install an autobody shop to deck out your cars however you see fit.

Answer: To keep the gameplay environment fair we have removed illegitimately gained in-game money from player accounts.

If you received an alert saying that your shared bank balance was adjusted, that is because you had illegitimate funds in your account.

Rockstar Games can't seem to cut a break these days, likely spending their weekends hunched over the computers desperately trying to work on the servers and get them working right and tidy for gamers across old-gen systems and new-gen systems.

According to their latest update they'll finally have the game stabilized.

Rockstar Games Social Club (RGSC) is a program to ensure the management of multiplayer in recent Rockstar games.

Program and service Rockstar Games Social Club was launched on 27 March 2008.