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Updating multiple rows in sql server 2016

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But if there are a large number of rows that require an update, then the overhead of issuing large numbers of UPDATE statements can result in the operation as a whole taking a long time to complete.The traditional advice for improving performance for multiple UPDATE statements is to “prepare” the required query once, and then “execute” the prepared query once for each row requiring an update.

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For small numbers of rows requiring updates, it can be adequate to use an UPDATE statement for each row that requires an update.

I am trying to write an update query with this as the basic concept: UPDATE Table1SET Flag Entity = 0WHERE (ID = 1) or (ID =2)I get an Execution error stating that the subquery cannot return more than one value if I use =. -- Paul Fleming At best you can say that one job may be more secure than another, but total job security is an illusion.

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The dominant factor in the time taken to complete the overall operation tends to be the “admin” work in conveying the application’s intention to the database server rather than the actual updates to the database.

A more effective solution to this problem is to attempt to reduce the number of UPDATE statements.

I have done something like this in Oracle, but never with an Or in the statement.

What I really want to know is if it is even possible to run one update query to update multiple distinct rows or if I need to do a loop.

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If you're attempting to update a single distinct row with each statement, no, you can't do that within a single statement in SQL Server.

in the above table i want to update all rows fields in emloyee_name in Single Statement using this update Employee Job Details set employee_name='anil jangam' where(Employee Job Details.eid=12313), set employee_name='Rama Krishna' where(Employee Job Details.eid=12314), set employee_name='anil jangam' where(Employee Job Details.eid=12313), set employee_name='anil jangam' where(Employee Job Details.eid=12313) This site functions according to votes.

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