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Updating dest list failed

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But if you are not using generics or Arrays, to convert a Collection/Array to a Collection/Array with different type objects you can specify a Hint to let Dozer know what type of objects you want created in the destination list.

If a Hint is not specified for the destination field, then the destination Collection will be populated with objects that are the same type as the elements in the src Collection.

Opening the job settings, changing the time by a few minutes and clicking ok, the job runs fine the next time (but only the next time)The following day however, it fails allover again, with the same message, "failed to access the backup destination"However destination in Hyper Backup still appears to be online Running the job again manually immediately completes fine!

It's a strange issue, and I was wondering if anyone is experiencing similar behavior.Dozer automatically maps between collection types and automatically performs any type conversion.Each element in the source collection is mapped to an element in the dest object.By default, files already existing at the destination are skipped (i.e. A count of skipped files is reported at the end of each job, but it may be inaccurate if a copier failed for some subset of its files, but succeeded on a later attempt (see Appendix).It is important that each Task Tracker can reach and communicate with both the source and destination file systems.Any fix that the Update Installer attempts to install or uninstall is referred to as a "maintenance pack".During the process of installing a maintenance pack, the Update Installer might modify existing product files, or it might delete existing product files then replace the deleted files with new ones.For HDFS, both the source and destination must be running the same version of the protocol or use a backwards-compatible protocol (see Copying Between Versions).After a copy, it is recommended that one generates and cross-checks a listing of the source and destination to verify that the copy was truly successful.Dist Cp (distributed copy) is a tool used for large inter/intra-cluster copying.It uses Map Reduce to effect its distribution, error handling and recovery, and reporting.