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Make sure you see my earlier post about setting up the Adventure Works database here.First we will look at a complicated , adding a new customer to the Adventure Works database. They can express efficient query behavior in their programming language of choice, optionally transform/shape data query results into whatever format they want, and then easily manipulate the results.

Attach(_Employee, true); or Using context As New db Students(str Conn String) Dim tmp Student = (From p In context.

Over the last few months I wrote a series of blog posts that covered some of the new language features that are coming with the Visual Studio and . LINQ supports a very rich extensibility model that facilitates the creation of very efficient domain-specific operators for data sources. NET Framework ships with built-in libraries that enable LINQ support against Objects, XML, and Databases.

LINQ-enabled languages can provide full type-safety and compile-time checking of query expressions, and development tools can provide full intellisense, debugging, and rich refactoring support when writing LINQ code.

Recently, I have discussed about getting started linq to sql in c#

That articles also covered for creating select query for retrieving both single and multiple results.

Guid Get Return _student_id End Get Set(value As System. Property Changing Public Event Property Changed As Property Changed Event Handler Implements System. Property Changing Event Is Nothing) = False) Then Raise Event Property Changing(Me, empty Changing Event Args) End If End Sub Protected Overridable Sub Send Property Changed(By Val property Name As [String]) If ((Me.

INotify Property Changed Private Shared empty Changing Event Args As Property Changing Event Args = New Property Changing Event Args(String. Guid Private _first_name As String Private _last_name As String Private _email As String Public Sub New() End Sub #Region "Properties" _ Public Property student_id() As System. Property Changed Protected Overridable Sub Send Property Changing() If ((Me.

Or you did nothing the the auto-generated file contents but the error is thrown out?

Submit Changes() Hello cppvb:) Have you modified the LINQ generated file's contents?

If you know the keys involved in the relationship you can explicitly set the Foreign Key field eg .

However, you do not always know the key, especially if the record has just been created, so you can actually link two objects together and LINQ-to-SQL will work out the keys for you.