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Updating an expired passport

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While we were at the Sydney Passport Office, a woman had her Application declined, becos she got a JP as her witness, but the JP had not known her for 12 months or more. Its best to renew before your passport has expired.It takes 10 days for the application to be processed or you can pay 4 for an urgent application which takes 3 days. (thats a heads up for all your documents, drivers licence etc its easier to keep them up to date ) You are even given instructions on how to take and upload your own paasport photo and the website tells you if the photo is acceptable.You are allowed to fix errors as long as the passport is valid.When submitting a passport for correction which is more than ninety (90) days old you will have to submit a new passport photo.Passport holders seeking to renew a passport that has been lost, stolen or damaged must renew in person.

Generally speaking, multiple entry visas are valid for a longer period of time.

Regular processing takes 4 to 6 week if you need it an emergency we recommend Fastport Passport.

They can obtain your passport in as little as ONE business day.

Once you have downloaded, printed and filled out your application you will need to collect all supporting documents such a valid passport and photo.

If your current photo is more than 90 days old, you will need to obtain a new passport photo.

If your current passport is in good condition and able to be submitted with your renewal application, issued after your 16th birthday and within the past 15 years, and has your current legal name on it, you may renew by mail.

If the name on your passport does not match your legal name but you can provide legal name change documentation, you also may renew by mail at any time.

But I didn't apply for my Australian citizenship before.

A valid United States passport is required for most international travel by an American citizen.

It is also important to consider the details of your trip. If traveling to China, taking a day trip to Hong Kong is considered an "exit" from China and then a "re-entry" upon return.

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