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One might say common interests, spending lots of time together, enjoying the same foods, great conversations, quality communication, similar religious or spiritual beliefs, great sexual chemistry, just a sense of connection are the characteristics that make a relationship thrive.I have found that each of us are looking for different qualities in our relationships and many of us, even if having found the one that possesses all the qualities we think we want in a partner, have had many a relationship end.Your input will guide me toward what issues to cover and help me deliver content that is even more helpful.In the shop, you will find a carefully curated collection of books – books that will help you thrive. There you will find books, videos, blogs, and other materials that I found helpful, and some that I wish I had while I was single.The first step to going on more dates is to get your mind right about dating and about yourself.Quality input from excellent books and carefully chosen mentors is a must.To me, it's glaringly problematic that supports for us are absent, or buried under paperwork and abandoned websites.

While all disabilities are unique, we also have a common understanding of what it’s like to navigate the world as a person with a disability. Stop the cycle of date, breakup, date, breakup, date, breakup, ad infinitum.Whether you desire to be married or remain single, whether you are still single or single again, learn to thrive. If you find yourself single again in midlife you will find lots of useful content here – because that was my experience.If you’re like me, you might begin to internalize the negative expectations that some doctors, teachers, parents, and others project onto you.I’m not going to lie - undoing that internalized ableism and recognizing your own ability to find love is difficult; but for me, that confidence was necessary.He is everything you ever wanted in a partner; she is beautiful, hour-glass shaped, kind, loving, generous, loves to travel, has a job she loves, wants kids; he is handsome, smart, funny, kind, loving and generous too; he even has a great paying job.It begins with self-care, which may look like a morning ritual—consuming warm lemon water for cleansing, oil pulling, a health breakfast, meditation, prayers of gratitude, yoga or a favorite exercise, maybe even reading from a sacred text.That will only lead to totally unrealistic expectations which will inevitably lead to more frustration.Consuming a healthy dose of high-quality self-help, relationship, and singles issues books will lead to a proper view of yourself, others, and the dating process.Self-care may include tapping into one’s creative self, reading books, taking baths, spending time with friends, family, nieces, nephews, hiking in the woods, gardening, taking up and or learning a new hobby, finding courage to face one’s fears (even if they are small), volunteering for a charity, being of service to others, joining a support group, attending church, etc.As one stays true to his self-care, one can then give and share all of these wonderful aspects and qualities with others; and maybe quickly (but often times slowly), true self-love is developed. partners take care of themselves, because in order to allow another human in with the deep love and connection most of us long for, both partners have to feel solidly in love with themselves.