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Thermoluminescence dating labs

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The intensity of the light is proportional to the amount of energy, which in turn corresponds to the length of accumulation time.Thus the time can be approximated for original original firing date.

It cannot give the complete picture although it can do many things.

The technique measures the small amount of energy that continually builds up in the mineral crystal lattice.

When heated, this energy is released as a burst of light.

The interaction between this radiation and the atoms of minerals results in gradually increasing radiation damage.

The intensity of the radiation damage in crystal lattices is a measure of the Equivalent Dose (D, additional thermal or optical stimulation, respectively, has to be supplied to the crystal.

Another routine approach that minimizes possible error due to disequilibrium is lab is gamma ray spectrometry, due to an inherited collection of Na I crystals from radioactive chemistry labs.

High-resolution gamma-spectrometry is carried out on a 600-gram sample (the ideal weight since less material means higher counting errors); admittedly a lot of sample, but the crystals date from the early 1980's.

, since these methods measure the activities of several individual radionuclides in the decay chains.

Usually the facilities required for these techniques are expensive and measurement time can be long.

Recently new techniques (optically stimulated luminescence dating) using lasers and sensitive detectors have been used to improve the light detection.

Samples require about 100 milligram and the sample collection and handling step is critical. The rate of energy accumulation depends on the amount of background radiation to which the object has been exposed.