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After each Facebook Live broadcast, the podcast will be released on the following Thursday on Loveline With Amber and i Tunes, beginning on Dec. To join the conversation, listeners can submit their questions by calling 213-375-5258 or via the Facebook comments stream during each live broadcast.

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When it comes to choosing an outfit for a meeting with my boyfriend’s ex-wife, I’m at a complete loss. So, when it comes to meeting your new love’s ex-spouse, how do you know the time is right, what to expect and how to behave?This is serene acreage littered with potential land mines. She doesn’t have a vote.” This is a good sign: He doesn’t have unfinished business with his ex; I’m not a pawn in the relationship. Experts have differing opinions on when, in a relationship, it’s right to meet the ex.Not only is there the very real possibility I’ll arrive with my shirt on inside out, but there’s also the possibility she could loathe me for just being with him — or for the smart-aleck retorts that are certain to fall from my lips. I ask my boyfriend this en route to the meeting, right after I admitted being nervous. Some say earlier than three months is too early; others say not before six. It wouldn’t be appropriate for a single parent to introduce the ex and kids to someone new three times a year.For many of us who are dating a single parent, there may come a time when the new love must meet the ex-love. In my case, a bright, charismatic 10-year-old — whose father I have become very attached to — provoked this interview. Regardless of timing, experts agree that no meeting should be arranged until the couple has some level of commitment, be that “thinking about marriage” or something else, such as commingling vacations, households or finances.But what if you’re still not completely over your ex?The new morning team is comprised of Jummy Olabanji and Autria Godfrey, who used to be married to Scott Thuman. Thuman, who apparently has a charming side to his personality, began dating Godfrey while she was an intern there and they married a few years later.According to sources at the network, Thuman has previously threatened to leave WJLA but has so far failed to secure a new offer. All, Effective October 14th our new Good Morning Washington anchor team will be Autria Godfrey and Jummy Olabanji.Was it the kiss of marital death when he welcomed her to his newsroom in 2011? They have done an outstanding job when paired together over the past several months and we plan to capture that chemistry on a permanent basis.

Negative Relationship Patterns Negative relationship patterns are the reoccurring interactions that form the basis of ongoing complaints.You tap on it and out pops a photo of a deliriously happy couple, with their cheeks squashed together.You check the rest of the photos and see that this other person invading your ex’s profile pictures is your ex’s new beau.My previous blog ("Should You Date Your Ex-Spouse," dated 1/17/11) made the audacious proposal for considering dating an ex-spouse, since the likelihood of strong positive feelings when getting married could create a positive basis for a renewed relationship, if both parties have matured and stopped blaming each other.Dating an ex-spouse should not be simply a response to loneliness, matter of convenience and/or lack of alternatives.“In my practice, I’ve seen disastrous results when people meet the ex-partner or even the single parent’s children too soon in the relationship,” says counseling psychologist Dr. “When people do this prematurely, they can be triangulated too easily.” Meaning if there’s unfinished business between exes, the new love can easily be ensnared in an awkward situation.If, for example, one ex is bitter and wants to interfere with a new relationship or have a vote in who the other parent is dating, meeting the new love face-to-face can give the old love a golden opportunity.And then for some reason, you remember one of your exes.You start to wonder how your ex is or what your ex is up to.My boyfriend’s ex-wife wanted to know with whom her daughter was spending so much time. The meeting should be child-centered and designed to ensure that everyone has the child’s best interest at heart. Knowing why your new love wants a meeting is important.Red flags should go up if she wants to run you past her ex for approval.