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Renfrew (1973) called it 'the radiocarbon revolution' in describing its impact upon the human sciences.
But when they find the plucky horse whisperer at the start of Heartland’s eighth season, they might not even recognize her.

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And actress Minka Kelly looked effortlessly chic as she enjoyed a healthy lunch with a pal at Forage Eatery in Los Angeles. The beauty wore a striped, button down shirt, tied at her stomach, complete with rolled sleeves.'It was the first pilot that I auditioned for!

What's wrong with this world, when someone as lovable as Matt Saracen can't find decent work in Hollywood? Gaius Charles After two seasons of playing star running back Smash Williams, Charles went on to do a few episodes of another show about football, has been on forever! (Neither participated in this article.) The other reason is simple: No one knows who exactly Minka Kelly is. Kelly and the Captain have been dating for more than a year, and rumors abound that the two are secretly engaged, while her friends are buzzing that, for Jeter, she’s “the real deal.” If this information is a nasty shock to the legions of New York City ladies who have long thought of themselves as the perfect Mrs. First, both the ballplayer and his girl won’t talk about their personal lives and keep as low a profile as a couple can when one half is a superstar, the show’s season finale on July 15 will be both a gift and a curse: It brings a heartwarming and likely tear-jerking close to one of the best written and acted shows on network television in recent years (which explains why it just got an Emmy nomination for Best Drama Series), but it also means that it’s the end of said show. I was kind of getting my fix and slowly phasing myself out.Celebuzz got a chance to chat with Zach Gilford, who played the conflicted and lovable Matt Saracen — providing some of the most gripping moments throughout the series — to reflect a bit on the show’s demise, what it means to him, and how he’ll get all up in your grill if you get too close to Aimee Teegarden. It was always fun to go back but by the time it was really over it was like Oh well, it was definitely a good detox the way I got to go about it.While shooting a scene when she jumped out of a car, Louanne says Matt "grabbed my left breast and I know he was hoping that I would let it go and I almost did ...but then I stood up and said 'Zach, what was that?! ' He turned so red."3.) Some habits are hard to break Connie Britton had the entire audience cracking up after she called out her TV husband for accidentally addressing Scott Porter by his character's name, "Jason," during the press conference.4.) Mae Whitman is a "FNL" superfan During the press conference, the "Arrested Development" and "Parenthood" star was the first one to ask a question from the audience.As the show comes to an end — what kind of feelings do you have? While filming or afterwards, was there a specific moment where it all sunk in? My last season I did half the season, then kind of came back at the end of it, and now I’m back a little bit this season.FACT: Yankees star Derek Jeter is the most eligible bachelor in New York, and therefore the world. She did have a role in August’s indie charmer “(500) Days of Summer,” but the audience for indie charmers is even smaller than for critically acclaimed TV shows. True, she’s a star of a network TV show, but that show is the critically acclaimed “Friday Night Lights,” which means no one watches it.