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I definitely admire the amount of work that they're clearly putting into their careers.

It's hard work to keep up with the sudden enthusiasm and accolades that they're receiving so I wish them much luck. Taylor: In the end it comes down to wanting to be able to do what you love doing and no matter who you are - if you start at 25 or if you start at 10 - if you're really in it because this is what you want to do, it's an obligation you have to fulfill for yourself and hopefully it'll keep happening.

But the most emotional tribute came from Taylor Momsen, who nearly broke down performing Audioslave's . As we previously reported, Stone Temple Pilots lead singer Scott Weiland was found dead in his tour bus by his manager while on the road in Minnesota — he was 48-years-old. Currently, the industry vet's cause of death has yet to be made available. The Queensland senator took to Facebook on Thursday to urge Australians to use the hashtag 'pray for Muslim ban' in the wake of London's Westminster terror attack.Ms Hanson refused to back down from her controversial proposal on Friday, claiming many Australians agreed with her but were too 'frightened' to admit it.Seeing as Momsen's band The Pretty Reckless opened for Soundgarden the night Cornell took his own life, we can't imagine how she got through this performance. Related: Victims Killed In The San Bernardino Shooting Revealed Many in Hollywood took to Twitter and Instagram, to pay tribute to Scott, once they learned of the rocker's untimely passing — including former bandmate Slash, Dave Navarro, Juliette Lewis, Tommy Lee, Taylor Momsen, Joe Perry, and many more. Fear, self-judgement, anxiety and some #Brad Pitt news and - light! Ch-ch-check out all the videos (below) to see the moving tributes. Check out their responses below: Filed under: Kristin Chenoweth • Drake Bell • Jesse Mc Cartney • Adele • Taylor Momsen • Taylor Hanson • Justin Bieber • Cher Lloyd • Live & Exclusive! A mammoth new profile in Rolling Stone is testament to that fact, and it's replete with ridiculous recollections from the 23-year-old.Jetting off to Jamaica to lay down his first solo record? Yet, perhaps the most surreal insight into the dude's life can be found when he speaks about his brief relationship with Taylor Swift, a woman whose persona is so intertwined with the very concept of dating that actually doing so seems impossible.Big love: Jake was asked if he had ever been in love - he said twice.It is thought he was referring to his relationship with Kirsten Dunst - they are pictured here at the American Museum of Natural History in New York in 2004However he also said: 'There are a lot of beautiful women, there are opportunities, but I think at the same time, if you find the right person, I believe in monogamy I believe in when you meet somebody who is right it will be right and you will stay there.'Jake reiterated he was unaware of the music, saying: ‘First of all, I did not hear that...Ms Hanson likened Islam to a 'disease' in an interview with Nine News on Friday.It followed an interview with Steve Price and Andrew Bolt on 2GB radio on Friday when Ms Hanson said migrants were the 'life blood of the country' – just not Muslim migrants.'We had the Italians, Germans, Greeks, they didn't get it easy here, they had to learn the language, nothing was given to them, they actually had to blend in and work hard, no benefits, nothing was given to them,' she said.'They opened up this country, they worked hard and these are the people who are the life blood of the country that are actually so grateful for the opportunity to come here.