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I have it on good authority from someone who has steered me right before that this has nothing to do with a dress code.

Unless you count the dress code in the strip club Newton took some teammates to while the Panthers were staying out near San Francisco between games on the West Coast.

The question now is, which one is best for your application?Find the flaw in the following combination: a ’67 Impala running a 327 small-block with stock heads, 8.5:1 compression, a 305-degree-duration cam, a two-barrel carb, stock exhaust manifolds, a Powerglide automatic, a stock converter and 2.73:1 rear gears.If you identified the camshaft as the component that doesn’t fit with the rest, give yourself a gold star.There is hope and magic here in these living glimpses of a wild world that would otherwise remain hidden and unknown to us.So I hope you’ll check these out and share any of your own favorites in the comments.Breaking news: Ron Rivera did not bench Cam Newton for failure to wear a tie.And if you believe that was the reason, then there’s gold to be mined in your browser history because you’ll buy anything.Of course, no discussion on cams would be complete without also mentioning the associated lifters.To help you decide, we took a look at the pros and cons of all four different types and even provided recommendations.An engine that suffers these driveability headaches and still gets blown away by a Chevette is the worst possible hot rodding experience. The most prevalent reason for engines that don’t run as they should is an improper camshaft for the engine and vehicle combination.And that’s understandable, because choosing a cam is one of the hardest, most confusing parts of building an engine.