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I spent until I was 40 trying to fit in, and it takes a huge amount of confidence to face that many years of failure. Diagnosis for women Because of this greater skill in social-adaptation, autistic women also have a much harder time when it comes to getting a diagnosis.

I had known my doctor for ten years when I went to see him about the possibility of my having autism.

This level of ignorance amongst frontline medics (or any medic) is of course unacceptable, but it exists, and you need to be prepared for the possibility of encountering something similar when visiting your own doctor. “I’ve spent so long pretending, I’ve forgotten who I really am” This is a sentiment I’ve heard from a lot of autistic women.

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Asperger’s symptoms in adult females The psychologist who diagnosed me explained that women are naturally more skilled at social interaction than men, and so tend to be better at overcoming and/or hiding autism-related issues, and our symptoms are often much less evident – at least on the outside.

We are also often more interested in how to ‘get on’, and some of us spend enormous amounts of time, money and effort trying to match our clothes, our interests, and/or our style of interaction, to those around us in an attempt to fit in. When we are still not accepted – as many of us aren’t – the blow is all the more crushing, and can contribute to existing, or subsequent, mental-health problems.

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