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1.6.3 – 12/18/2013 – maintenance release – correction on possible install error “AXscol.dll” – better main loop implementation on Scol Voyager – more precise timers – added Grab / ungrab event on Leap Motion – correction on under Water rendering – manage oculus with AR capture for a webcam linked on the Oculus Rift for Augmented Reality – corrections on plug ITs using a capture device – more stable 1.6.2 – 11/26/2013 – new Oculus demo – support of Leap Motion – added user RGB picture for Kinect – some corrections and improvement 1.6.1 – 10/28/2013 – new industrial demo – add Oculus plug IT – add VRPN client plug IT for VR system – add TUIO plug IT for multi touch system – add undo / redo fonctions on 3D scene edition – manage physic bodies on dummies – add a concave physic shape for complex meshes – update instantiate plug IT – improve water and under water rendering – improve Quad buffer rendering to allow effects and shadows – improve shadows – improve HDR effect – improve navigation plug ITs, add a crouch system on FPS plug IT and manage head tracking control and fly mode – improve stereo modes, allow compositor effects and shadows – better kinect support, add head tracking event, and use the Microsoft SDK with open NI2 – better support on multi screens – optimize rendering loop – optimize webcams / AR – update Web navigator interfaces – correction on speech / recognition – huge optimizations and bugs fix 1.5.0 – 04/17/2013 – Add physic vehicle plug IT – Add physic contrains plug ITs (ball and socket, hinge and slider) – Add Interface Area plug IT – Add a fade transition on some Interface plug ITs – Add animation switcher plug IT – Add PDF plug IT – Add cancel operation on right click when moving an object – Add SSAO and HDR rendering effects – Add high level shadows (PSSM and CSM) for directional light – Add Quad Buffer stereo support – Change the rendering setting interface – Updated augmented reality plug ITs – Updated documentation – Lots of bug fixes and huge optimizations on projects loader 1.1.0 – 07/30/2012 – Add orthographic views in 3d editor – Add zoom levels in plug ITs editor – Add preview button on compositior selector – Add button plug IT – Add task icon plug IT – Add offset on 2D overlayed plug ITs – Add video plug IT – Correction on X Y inversion on several orientation plug ITs – Manage mutiple root bones on skeleton – Animations now update the physic body position – New html interface example – Better Augmented Reality marker detection – Updated documentation – Lots of bug fixes and optimizations 1.0.0 – 03/23/2012 – Major change : The main Open Space3D partition for your projects is now in your “My documents/Open Space3D” directory – Add Environment settings with Sky and Water – Add Web navigator interfaces – Add Featured markers support for augmented reality – Add loading screen – Add Moho plug IT to manage Moho file formats for synchronize visemes with sounds – Add Vuzix HMD support with head traking – Add Side by Side and Top / Bottom stereo modes – Update lipsync plug IT for an easier configuration – Update Speech plug IT to get Preston Blair Visemes format – Update chat plug IT with web interface – Update many other plug ITs …
The post office also retained an important role in the town after it experienced further expansion in the twentieth century, in line with the town’s association with the BHP lead smelter, established in 1889 and by the mid-1930s the largest single-unit lead-smelting works in the world.