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There are plenty of ways to regain some control over what you want, or don’t want, shown on your Facebook feed.Let’s look at some house-cleaning tips that can help you spruce the place up and remove the excess baggage nobody cares for.Read more: How to post in multiple languages on a Facebook Page If you see content from a page you like and want to get more, you can subscribe to the page by Liking the page.Just search for the page, and when you click to go to the page, you will see a Like button on the cover photo.If you don’t like to see photos of your friend’s 3 meals-a-day, you can hide it.If you want funny videos, you can follow that particular page.

Rem Objects Blogs – With our latest release of Elements 9.1 last week, we introduced support for native Android NDK apps.

The data in your sample feed is actual live data showing people visiting right now. Note that this version does not update in real-time because it loads as a static image.

You should be able to drag the text widget from the list of widgets on the left into your sidebar. Read your blog hosts documentation on how to edit your site template.

My ticker and news feed are not updating, despite me logging out, clearing my cache, trying different browsers, et cetera.

I'm well aware that multiple users are having this issue and have sent off three emails thus far requesting some form of technical support, and nothing such far.

The feed on the right-hand side is your sample feed that you can use to customize what your Live Traffic Feed will look like. Look at the structure of other elements in your sidebar.

You can drag the inside of your traffic feed up or down to pause it or see older visitors. Often they will be contained in If your website host doesn't allow you to use Javascript, you can still get an image version of the Feedjit Live Traffic feed.

Hosting business logic on a server and the presentation logic on the client (the gadget) allows for discrete updates with little to no intervention by end users.

We’ve received some reports of users noticing that their feeds subscription stop updating after upgrades.

When you are not logged in, article titles will indicate whether the content is free for all users, or is members only content.

You're about to join over 1 Million site owners around the World who use Feedjit to improve user engagement and create a live surfing experience. When you are ready, sign-into your website and edit the template for your sidebar.