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We were so intrigued by Boyd and his new album, we tasked him with filling out our Questionnaire. The day they told me how they really felt about me. The day they told me how they really felt about me. He’s my dog, or should I say, the dog that lives with me that I feed and share space with. If you could relive any day in history, what would it be? I got to imagine what it would be like to be Bruce, and it filled me with love. That would be the cool, collected version of what I’d do. ” version of this day would look more like me crying on the phone with my mom, refrigerator door open all day with stuff dripping onto the floor, small bonfires smoking around my house being stoked by random personal artifacts like pictures and high school yearbooks, all of this to the soundtrack of “When I’m Laid in Earth” by Jessye Norman, (Soprano).

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