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He’d already suggested twice that night that they go to a strip club, and when their mutual friend asked if the two of them were getting married, he gave the friend the finger and made sure his girlfriend could see it, so she wouldn’t get any ideas about a forthcoming ring. Many of them had been molded on trading floors or in investment banks with male-female ratios as terrifying as 50-to-1, so they had learned to keep pace with the boys.

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Each state might call these products something different (soda, pop, tonic, fizzy yum-yum juice), but there's no disputing that Americans love their soft drinks.

There's always one class clown however, and Echo knows just how to provide some laughs.

Kathy Griffin apologized for the photo she posted of herself holding up what looked like the decapitated head President Donald Trump.

A SEX video in to this penis hair and just one would be in thinking about Piranha.

No matter what had to keep me today on the final stage of people with accurate.

Trump responded, saying the comedian should be ashamed of herself.

Nothing gets me hotter than listening to policy wonks talk about urban density. What are we talking about when we talk about making Detroit a more vibrant city? Or, in other words, creating the right conditions for people to hook-up.

Alaska doesn't have as big of a soda culture as other states, but there is a Pepsi bottling plant there. This orange-pineapple drink has a big presence in the Southwest, where it's moderately preferable to actual cacti.

Grapette, once a grape soda titan of Arkansas, is now a Sam's Club soda, but that doesn't diminish its years of dominance in the Southern market.

These were not women’s-studies types, for sure; they were already several years out of college and proud veterans of the much maligned hookup culture that, over the past 15 years or so, has largely replaced dating on college campuses and beyond.

One of the women had already seen the photo five times before her boyfriend showed it to her, so she just moved her pitcher of beer in front of his phone and kept on talking. I had gone to visit the business school because a friend had described the women there as the most sexually aggressive he had ever met.