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The dialog has several sets of controls -- each with some edit boxes, a 'Start' and a 'Stop' button. The message handler for that button waits until thread 2 has terminated.

Pushing a 'Start' button starts up a worker thread that does work and periodically updates one of the edit controls in its set. If, during this time, thread 1 tries to update its edit control (via :: Set Window Text()) the program hangs.

In all but the most trivial dialog box, you add member variables to your derived dialog class to store data entered in the dialog box's controls by the user or to display data for the user.

You can use the Add Variable wizard to create member variables and associate them with controls.

To create a dialog box in MSVC, from the Add Resources dialog box, simply select the Dialog node and the object is ready.

You'd be better off using Post Message from the worker thread to post a custom message to the dialog, then in the handler for that message, call :: Set Window Text.

Unlike windows, there is no ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI mechanism for doing this.

Most books that show examples of how to do it get it wrong.

The simple methods illustrated in the introductory textbooks are considerably less than adequate in this case.

A decade of Windows programming has allowed me to develop a methodology for handling this.

A dialog box is a rectangular window whose main role is to host or hold other Windows controls.

For this reason, a dialog box is referred to as a container.

What is much more likely is this: * user pushes 'Stop 2' * main thread processes the message, which involves waiting for thread 2 to terminate (via synch object; Wait For the thread handle) * thread 1 tries to update the text of its edit control before the message handler for 'Stop 2' finishes -=-= i specifically disabled the call to :: Set Window Text for thread 2 (but not thread 1) to test this situation.

So -- the question still remains -- what sort of deadlock i am getting into here ?

In a dialog box, you are particularly interested in handling notification messages from the dialog box's controls since that is how the user interacts with your dialog box.

Use the Properties window to select which messages you wish to handle and it will add the appropriate message-map entries and message-handler member functions to the class for you.