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fall within the confidence intervals of previous estimations by Winterton et al., [6] ... the two most commonly used relaxed clock models and discuss the evolution of ......Fortunately, intermediate models employing relaxed molecular clocks have been described.These models open the gate to a new field of “relaxed phylogenetics.” Here we introduce a new approach to performing relaxed phylogenetic analysis.If this rate is assumed to be constant among lineages (i.e., a “strict” or “global” ...

The molecular clock was first tested in 1962 on the haemoglobin protein variants of various animals, and is commonly used in molecular evolution to estimate times of speciation or radiation.

I previously did postdoctoral research with Lindell Bromham at the Australian National University and with Beth Shapiro and Peter Holland at the University of Oxford. I was a Commonwealth Scholar and EPA Cephalosporin Scholar at Linacre College throughout my doctorate.

Honours (2002) were completed under the supervision of Lars Jermiin at the University of Sydney.

Finally, we present analyses of 102 bacterial, 106 yeast, 61 plant, 99 metazoan, and 500 primate alignments.

From these we conclude that our method is phylogenetically more accurate and precise than the traditional unrooted model while adding the ability to infer a timescale to evolution. If you do not see its contents the file may be temporarily unavailable at the journal website or you do not have a PDF plug-in installed and enabled in your browser. Phillips 0 1 2 Andrew Rambaut[ 0 1 2 0 Current address: Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland , Auckland , New Zealand 1 Academic Editor: David Penny, Massey University , New Zealand 2 Department of Zoology, University of Oxford , Oxford , United Kingdom In phylogenetics, the unrooted model of phylogeny and the strict molecular clock model are two extremes of a continuum.

I am a computational evolutionary biologist interested in molecular clocks, evolutionary rates, phylogenetic methods, phylogenomics, and ancient DNA.

I joined the School of Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Sydney in 2010. degree in 2006 at the University of Oxford under the supervision of Andrew Rambaut, Alan Cooper, Alexei Drummond, and Richard Fortey.

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We find no significant rate autocorrelation among branches in three large datasets, suggesting that autocorrelated models are not necessarily suitable for these data.

In addition, we place these datasets on the continuum of clocklikeness between a strict molecular clock and the alternative unrooted extreme.