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We hope that our suffering and tribulations are part of a grand scheme and plan that Hashem has which ultimately is gam zu l’tova, for our own good.Actually, the title of this article comes from a well-known Gemara (Sotah 2a), which is often misinterpreted.It's no surprise, then, that this rabbi and marriage and family therapist in one has become known as the "Relationships Rabbi." "I am humbly honored to be referred to as the Relationships Rabbi.To me, it's a beautiful synthesis of the two worlds I am constantly striving to learn and share with the world: Torah and modern psychology," said 35-year-old Marder.Mc Carthy writes about weddings and relationships in Sunday's Style section.Boteeach is an author and radio and television personality, with an emphasis on relationships and spirituality.

_______________________ Ellen Mc Carthy: Hey Shmuley, Maybe could could start by telling us some of the factors that you think are the biggest causes of relationship strife in society today. _______________________ Burbank, Calif.: What is your opinion of inter-religious marriages where the parents decide to expose the children to both of religions and then let the child decide? I'm Jewish, but not very religious, if it makes a difference. The issues are online cheating on his part and difficulties at work with his boss because "no one is going to tell him what to do," and lots of anger and hurt on my part at doing it all. _______________________ Ellen Mc Carthy: You wrote a book called the Kosher Sutra.Both the misinterpretation, and the proper interpretation, is of relevance to the question of remarriage.The Gemara asserts that creating a shidduch is as difficult as the splitting of the red sea. After the end of the Kingdom of Judah was there any memory what happened to King David’s descendants?Is there any family today which can trace its lineage to David – and whom the Messiah might descend from? There is no question that King David’s descendants are alive today.In this series, we will attempt to share some ideas from our tradition, as well as present it with a psychological perspective informed by my experience as a therapist.Bashert Though us humans can never really know what G-d has in store for us, it still is natural for us to look for some kind of sign, guidance or indication that our actions are legitimate.King David’s initial dynasty came to an end with the destruction of the First Temple and the Babylonian Exile.In an earlier expulsion King Jehoiachin was exiled by Nebuchadnezzar, together with his family and several thousand of the Torah scholars and higher classes (II Kings -16). The final king of Judah, Jehoiachin’s uncle Zedekiah, was too exiled to Babylonia.Babylonian cuneiform records actually attest to Jehoiachin and his family receiving food rations from the government.I Chronicles likewise lists several generations of his descendants (either 9 or 15 generations, depending on the precise interpretation of the verses), which would have extended well into the Second Temple era.