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Pwa physical not updating

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Whats wierd is that I can enter the physical % complete to the tasks themselves, but the sub tasks do not change.

I checked both the project as well as the task Earned Value calculation is Physical % percent complete. I'm not using resourced sub-tasks so I appreciate its all a bit of fudge and I guess I could just use a text field instead but I still would be interested to know why it doesn't work.

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Together, this data represents the state of your plan at the time the baseline is saved.

The baseline will be a valuable tool to use as your project progresses, and after it completes, to compare how the real life of your project matched up with what you projected during the planning stages.

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The amount of work that was originally estimated is WAY less than what will actually be required. I know Physical % Complete is not automatically rolled up / calculated at the summary level Question: Then how DO you update Physical % Complete at the summary level? Using Physical % Complete to compute for EV fields doesn't make sense when looking at the project level (as opposed to looking at it task by task) when you can't change it at any summary task level.The provisions called for one-half of the jobs to go to those who were on relief (today's welfare), and the other half to anyone else who needed work.In both cases, this meant a considerable upgrading of conditions.So I want to enter physical %complete so that when I update the actual work it does not change what i will be presenting, which is physical % complete. Anyone ever wish there were an option to make Physical % Complete compute at the summary value - maybe using averages to roll up the value. I have set the gantt chart to show physical %, not complete through for progress. Tracking your project and ensuring that it stays on target are the real guts of project management.Building a good plan is not nearly as hard as keeping that plan on track after reality sets in and starts taking your wonderful plan apart.Those who came from relief now received wages at minimum wage, rather than charity— an increase from .50 to .00 a week.The other workers did not have to submit to a "means test," (proving you have absolutely no assets) in order to get an income.Once your plan is set up and your resources assigned, you are ready to start your project.This brings you to a different set of Project features, which can help you track your progress and compare this progress to your original plan.