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However, this post only focuses on the Before Properties and After Properties of the list item event receiver (SPItem Event Receiver). The base class for all list item events is the class.With the exception of feature events, here is a full list of available Share Point events, event receivers, and event hosts for quick reference.If via Share Point default edit form all columns are present in afterproperties collection, but if you edit an item from custom code (e.g.webpart, event receive) only updated columns are present in that collection.You know the After Properties subscript operator returns an object right? Shouldn't you be casting to a string or calling To String()? I've bound and Item Updating event to a document library of a MOSS publishing site, I’m then trying to compare the Before and After properties. I'm sure this is probably a subset so make sure you test.

Share Point has a built-in infrastructure that allows certain SP objects to raise events that can be handled by custom code.

After Properties[internal Name]); if (Before Value !

Before Properties[internal Name]); string After Value = properties.

Here you can find info what properties are avaialable in each events.

It is also important how do you edit the list item.

Everytime I need to code an event receiver I always face the problem of what to use in order to get the Changed Values and Original Values of the event Item.

Guess we all know the: Yet, at this moment (the moment right after you add a new document), the Before Properties has no usefull values like it should. So, not only the Update events are fired, when your are adding a new document (because infact the document is already saved), as the Before Properties work diferently from the standard Update action.

In the link above you can go for a reference to find out which properties to use depending on what you are using a library or a list. Remember this, in most blogs it is written that you should use the Internal Name of the field, but for me it was different. Some of them had something altogether different because they still came up null for both the internal and display names.

I had them flipping back and forth depending whether they were multi-select lookups, single lookups, or plain text/number fields.

I always forget this and when I come to create a new Share Point Event Receiver I wonder why the Before Properties or After Properties are sometimes not populated.

The Synergy MOSS blog has a really good post describing exactly what properties will contain a hash table and which will be empty depending on which list type the event is coming from and in which method (e.g.