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Needless to say, I had to wait a few months for an event that I could attend.
Couples who had sex the earliest — such as after the first date or within the first month of dating — had the worst relationship outcomes.

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Hello, Hi first of all let me explain its the husband here telling the story.

Hi my name is Richard and here is how it all began.

Anyway this is how I got the wife interested in chatting and eventually cucking me, not that I knew at the time that I was destined to become a cuck, no I believe at that time I was hoping to add a little spice back into our love life.

As she began to chat often during the day she found many guys wanting to chat with her.

My wife and I have been happily married for 12 years, in the early days before we got married we had some wild times fucking in the open often, and did not mind to much if people could see us.

We soon had our first 3some with her friend who was a girl and it was hot, I mean hot watching two girls kissing and licking, well it was just the best sex I have had until then.

My i Phone screen lit up as I lay awake in my hotel room.

I was on tour, and my band was all asleep, but for a few months I’d been texting with another musician I’ll call Florida.

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She is the hostess of monthly wild interracial sex parties. 1 / 17 After the wedding, she slips into black lace, locks you in chastity, sleeps with your broker. My Interracial Wife 1 / 18 Some horny wives out here. She loves being told what to do by multiple black men with big cocks when her husband is away! Years passed and we got married had kids and life became a bit boring, the sex was a quick fuck here and there.I was always interested in the internet and chatting online so as technologies improved and more a more people had cams, chatting became more interesting as now I knew who I was chatting with, not a dirty old man instead of a 18 year old woman.Since then, we’d both been on the road, and so we’d been sexting: the ever-so-intimate telegraph of modern solo jerk-offs.“I want to tell you something,” Florida wrote. Everything.”Nowhere in my brain was there a particle that wanted to be anyone’s girl.Earlier that year my boyfriend and I had broken up, and with that, my decade-long attempt at monogamous relationships came to an end. No longer would I be bound to a boyfriend back home who drained me with his need for my love and attention. I was going to live like Robert Plant: Screw whoever I wanted, when I wanted. Men were just going to be these nice sidebars and no longer primary characters in my life story. “I’m listening.”Florida went on about how he got off on jealousy.We spent one night together in Austin at SXSW, where we stayed up until 7 a.m. It’s kind of weird.”I waited for his incoming message, peeking around the room at my bandmates, half of whom were snoring.and fooled around all morning until I left, frazzled and braless, to play a daytime showcase. It was 4 a.m.“If you were my girl, I wouldn’t be upset if you got with other guys and told me everything about it.If you keep up with my blogs, you know that I am a cuckold phone sex queen.It isn’t just something I do calls about, but its the way I live my life. I have never been one to hold back especially when I am going after something that I want.Absolute Kim: Cuckoldrix - Dominatrix - Humilatrix 18 / 32 Cuckold Slave Hubby is Whipped, Humiliated and Forced To Watch Me Have Sex with Bulls then EAT their Cock Cum from my Cunt and Asshole while we laugh at his Tiny Chastised Cock and my Bulls Piss in his Mouth to wash their Cum down his Cuckold Throat!CUCKOLD MISTRESS 18 / 24 Any woman worth having is worth treating like a QUEEN. Are you a wimpy cuckold who needs Degrading, Domination, Humiliation, Tease & Denial.