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Candace Lajeunesse 12/16/14 Family Life-Tracey Period 5 Baby Think It Over Project As a student I have taken the responsibility to bring home a child in my Family Development class to learn how it would be to be a parent as well as how it would be to have a newborn infant that you have to attend to all of the time.

Orlando bloom dating kirsten dunst funny dating advice columns

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There were a lot of people there because I guess they knew about the movie and were all expecting me. I see myself as an actor and a kid trying to make his way.

There was this beautiful yellow bridge over an amazing river. "] JB: Does it bug you that people refer to you as a sex symbol or a teen idol? I mean, I don't see myself as either of those things.

• More TV and showbiz It had taken more than a year for the romance to develop as Orlando, 29, was still dating Superman star Kate Bosworth, 23, and Kirsten was in an on/off relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal.

They became good friends on the set of the film, made in Kentucky, but at the time Kirsten, 24, denied any romance, saying: "If you're alluding to whether Orlando and I got together then that's a no.

"They were kissing and cuddling in the corner of the lobby bar and didn't seem to care who saw them.

They even stayed past closing time because they were enjoying each other's company."The Chateau Marmont is not the place to go if you want to keep a blossoming romance under wraps, one source tells us, adding: "It's like coming out without actually issuing a statement."Kirsten has confessed she understands why actors are tempted to romance their co-stars, saying: "There are a lot of charismatic people in this industry and I can understand why people on location get together."Orlando and Kate broke up in September after a rather tempestuous four years.

A close pal of Orlando tells us: "Kirsten reminds him of what Kate used to look like before her dramatic weight loss.

"It was so much fun for him to be with her because she seemed carefree and not obsessed about fattening foods.

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PHOTOS: Miranda Kerr Not Wearing Wedding Band In L. “Kirsten’s pals believe she’s found a real soul mate in Garrett and her work and outlook on life have improved dramatically since they’ve been together,” the source said.

She introduces him to a way of life that he never really appreciated. Drew is in the shade for a little bit; she's the light drawing him out. So when I realized if I were an actor I could be any character I wanted, I was more excited by that than by throwing myself off things. Some people are just brain boxes, but then in everyday [situations] they're clueless. I would love to get a house in America someday, but I'm not sure when. She comes into Drew's life and takes over for him and doesn't let up. It was nerve-racking because [the director] made me surprise him [for the scene] where I jump on him and start making out with him. SN: Are you in a rush to get engaged (to boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal, 24)? I'm 23 years old, but they print in magazines that I'm getting engaged.

I had to do this scene where I had to dance -- it's a moment where Drew lets go. Edmund's School in Canterbury, England.] I never really told anyone this, but my mom reminded me I wanted to be a stuntman. A friend of mine told me -- because it did freak me out to begin with -- "Get over it, lad. Men shoot clay disks, and I would pull this thing back, put the disks in and then [aim it] so that when they shoot it goes up. I have good friends I like to spend time with rather than be out and about. I've had so many great opportunities in America, but I still feel like a British boy at heart.

Orlando Bloom has found new love in the arms of Marie Antoinette star Kirsten Dunst.

The couple have been seeing each other for more than a month after becoming "close" on the set of Elizabethtown, released last year.

“They wonder why Orlando is trying to spoil her good time.” According to the source, the reason is simple: jealousy!

PHOTOS: Miranda Kerr’s Cleavage In Bloom At Paris Fashion Week “Orlando is in a bad place in his career and has seen roles that he wanted slip away to hunky younger actors like Garrett,” the source said.

[At 16, Orli moved to London to join the National Youth Theatre.] JH: Did you have any teenage insecurities? I was street-smart -- I was always bright, but I found it harder in the classroom. Right now I find myself working all over the world, so I haven't had the chance. There's no way I'm getting engaged in the near future. A., and the solution would be not to live here, but my friends and family are here. I don't know why there isn't a law saying you can't follow people around like that.

Once I [passed] my exams, I felt better because I knew that I could do it if I applied myself. When I was about eight or nine, I was lifting up girls' skirts. SN: How do you deal with your love life being public? SN: Do you think dating another celebrity is easier?

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