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Here, the newlywed stuns in a moody floral black dress styled with a trendy Levi’s Vintage denim jacket thrown over the top. Kim has worn this trustee denim jacket featuring a zip up detail many times before, proving that it just gets better with more wear and it’ll never date; year in, year out.

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This is almost always framed as either a great mystery or a case of weak men screwing up feminism (or both).Examples of this concern abound, from Aunt Haley’s last three posts, to the divorced single mother who found out men weren’t willing to spend very much to court her, to the woman in Vox’s recent post lamenting that her 59 year old friend was only offered half a sandwich by a recent date.Your mother said a school official saw you and said, “I’ve had enough of this with you. So I came to school an hour late wearing my aunt’s plus-size jacket. You do whatever you’re allowed to do, whatever you can do to survive your whole life, just to die and that be it. • Tell me a joke: I can only think of “yo mama” jokes and they’re all offensive, and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. • Why do so many people enjoy the music of One Direction? Easy lyrics to remember on top of a simple repetitive beat. and the lyrics are general enough that every girl in the world can think, “Wow these cute boys are talking about a girl just like me! • What’s the nicest thing someone has done for you?I went into the office and my administrator saw me and pulled me aside. I wonder, i don’t believe in a magical man in the sky. : When I got my wisdom teeth out, my mom kept bringing me literally piles of toast to eat since it’s all I could chew.Wolfinger has not shared his code, data, models, or tables, so it’s hard to know what he really did.

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Men foot the searching costs in the marriage and sexual marketplace (MMP & SMP).

Perhaps the problem is that “realistic” and “compelling” are almost impossible to achieve at the same time for a wider audience. So most of the well-regarded depictions of science and scientists tend to borrow human interest in order to spice things up.

WIthout the background, you’re at one remove (at least) to the real topic, and to the real experience. At least it is compared to the standard materials of human drama, which range from Shakespeare, Chekhov, etc. There has to be conflict between strong personalities, a love story entanglement, or flat-out good guys and bad guys to give the audience someone to root for.

Instagram, dress code drama, dating uncertainties, wardrobe hostilities, peer pressure, college applications, zits.

It's said high school is the best time of a person's life. While I enjoyed Jessica’s angry ode to stupid academic rules, what truly got me was the aftermath.

So, in my model I used women in their first marriages only, and controlled for marriage duration, education, race, Hispanic ethnicity, and nativity/citizenship.

This is similar to models I used in this (shock) peer-reviewed paper.

The credulous blogosphere can’t resist the clickbait, but the basis for this is very weak.

Yesterday I complained about Wolfinger pumping up the figure he first posted (left) into the one on the right: Today I spent a few minutes analyzing the American Community Survey (ACS) to check this out.

Someone asked me this the other day, and I’ve never had a good answer for it.

Has there ever been a realistic, compelling depiction of of what it’s like to do scientific research in any movie, TV show, or play?