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5.07 Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham“Is the 7th episode of the 5th season and the 93rd episode of Lost. The flashback shows Locke's fateful mission after he turned the wheel under the pseudonym Jeremy Bentham and tried to convince the Oceanic 6 to return to the island.

Content [edit | Edit source]

On the Hydra Island [edit | Edit source]

Caesar enters a dark room, which he begins to search. He turns the pages LIFEMagazine from 1954 with a huge fireball on the cover. In a cupboard he finds two maps, one of which corresponds to Rousseau's map and another corresponds to Daniel's sketch of the island. Another piece of paper comes from Daniel's diary on which crossed circles are connected to form a network. Glued under a table, he finds a loaded shotgun that he puts in his backpack. Ilana enters, wants to know what Caesar found and pocketed. However, he throws her a flashlight. Ilana wants to show Caesar something on the beach and they both leave the room. A couple of people are sitting around the campfire outside. One stands apart with a hood. When Caesar introduces himself, the man takes off his headgear. It's John Locke.

The next morning, John is standing on the beach and looking out to sea when Ilana brings him a mango. John asks about the two boats that are lying in the sand. Ilana tells him that in the middle of the night the pilot and a woman ran off on the third boat without a word. Ilana confronts John that none of the other passengers on Flight 316 remembers him. John replies that he cannot remember the flight either. He only knows how he died.

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John is on the bike and Christian wishes him luck. After turning the wheel, John wakes up - still injured - in the Tunisian desert and vomits. He calls for help, but no one is around. He sees a number of cameras and directs his call for help directly into a camera. Even at night, John was still lying on the dusty desert floor when suddenly a pickup truck pulled up and four men carried him roughly onto the loading area.

When it is already light again, the men carry him to a makeshift hospital and lay him on a bed under the instructions of a doctor. John screams in pain and wants to know where he is and who the doctor is. He is given a few pills and a stick is clamped between his teeth. John sees Matthew Abaddon behind a thin curtain, but is immediately held by the men. The doctor grabs his leg and with a jerk straightens the open fracture. John screams in pain and then passes out.

In the middle of the night someone calls John by his name. It's Charles Widmore, sitting next to the bed. He pours him some water in a glass and hands it to John. Charles says he's glad to finally see John again. However, John cannot remember ever seeing the man. Charles gives John his name and tells him that they met when Charles was 17. Charles asks John how long it has been since he was in you Camp came and wanted to speak to Richard Alpert. John now remembers meeting young Charles and says it was four days ago for him. John suspects the cameras are in Charles' desert. Widmore confirms this and explains that he wanted to find Ben with it, if he ever got out of this exit. He goes on to say that he was once the leader of the Others he calls "his people" and that they peacefully protected the island for more than 30 years. But then he was banished by Ben and he suspects that the same thing happened to John. However, John makes it clear that no one drove him away, that Ben left the island before him and that he left voluntarily.

Widmore assumes that Locke wants to bring back the Oceanic 6 that left the island. However, they have been back home for three years now, have a normal life and never say a word about what really happened on the island. Widmore promises to help John bring everyone back to the island. When he asks why Widmore is doing this, however, he replies that there will be a war and that the wrong side would win if Locke is not back on the island.

The next morning, John looks at his new ID that Charles gave him. His new name is Jeremy Bentham, his new nationality is Canadian. John opens his portfolio and finds money and a photo of Sayid Jarrah working on the roof. Widmore claims to have observed the Oceanic 6. When asked how John should know that Widmore isn't lying, Widmore says that he didn't try to kill John after all. However, Locke is not convinced and confronts Charles with the fact that this is a team of Killers sent to the island. However, this was only necessary to get Ben out of the way.

Charles says that John is very special. John says that Richard says he is going to die, which Widmore would prevent. Meanwhile, Matthew Abaddon drove up in a dark jeep. Charles introduces John Matthew. Matthew will accompany him from now on. Matthew then goes to the car and gets a wheelchair. In the car, Matthew tells John to tell him if he needs anything, he will take care of it. He could find someone from John's past. John reacts dismissively. When asked where they're going next, Locke answers Santo Domingo.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Edit source]

Sayid works on a roof and gives instructions to his colleagues until he is made aware of a visitor. John tries to convince Sayid to go back to the island. Sayid doesn't want to know anything about it. He says that he has been manipulated by Ben for the last few years and now wants to know who is manipulating John. John tries to convey to him that it is his idea and that he is not being controlled. Sayid says the time he was able to spend with his wife Nadia was the best time of his life until she was murdered. He asks if John only asked him because no one else wants to go with him. Sayid offers John that if he wants to do something he can help here. John says Sayid could call him in Los Angeles Jeremy Bentham find in case he changes his mind.

New York, New York Edit source]

John and Matthew sit in a limo and watch a school go out. John now wants to take up Matthew's offer to search for people for John. He asks him to look for Helen Norwood. Walt leaves school and recognizes John across the street. Walt doesn't seem particularly surprised. They greet each other and Walt lets Locke know that he dreamed of John. Locke was wearing a suit and some people around him apparently wanted to harm him. John replies that they are only dreams. Walt also asks about his father, Michael, whether he is on the island. Locke thinks for a moment and replies that he was last on a freighter near the island. Walt asks what John is doing in New York. He looks at Walt for a few seconds, then says that he just wanted to know that he was okay.

After Walt leaves, Matthew discovers that John did not invite Walt to the island. However, John believes that Walt has been through enough already. Matthew tries to remind John of his job that he is all had to bring them back to the island. John angrily replies that Matthew is just the driver. Suddenly, a few meters away, Ben Linus is standing, who has been watching the situation.

Santa Rosa, California Edit source]

Hurley is sitting in front of the clinic painting a picture of a sphinx when Locke rolls in in a wheelchair. Hurley barely reacts to Locke's presence because he thinks John is dead and now it seems like an imagination. Only when a nurse confirms that John is really sitting in front of him does Hurley jump up. John wants to make it clear to him that they have to go back to the island. However, when Hurley sees Matthew Abaddon and John explains that he is his driver, Hurley freaks out and is brought back to the asylum. Back in the car, Matthew confronts John that none of his three visits have done anything so far. John asks what Matthew actually does for Charles Widmore. Matthew replies that Locke always pretends he doesn't remember him. After all, it was he who advised John to walkabout, which ultimately brought him to the island. And that is exactly what his job at Widmore is; He takes people where they should go.

Los Angeles, California Edit source]

John is at Kate's house and raised his issue. But Kate refuses, she doesn't want to go back to the island. She asks John if he's ever in love. She confronts him with the fact that he only wanted to stay on the island because he doesn't love anyone. John replies that he was once in love. Sadly, he says that his relationship with Helen broke down because he was angry and obsessed. Back outside, John asks Matthew if he's been able to locate Helen in the meantime. He denies and says that Helen may have moved or married in the meantime. John vented his anger and said that Matthew had found everyone so far. Sayid he found on a roof in the Dominican Republic and Helen should now fail to move.

Santa Monica, California Edit source]

Matthew Abaddon takes Locke to a cemetery. Helen died on April 8, 2006 of a brain aneurysm. Locke regrets that the relationship broke up because of him. However, Matthew comforts him with the words that John could not have changed the situation either, because Helen had to go her own way. Just like John, who still has a long way to go. Matthew says he learned from Charles that Richard said John was going to die. When he asks whether John has chosen this path himself, the latter says in a loud voice that he would never choose such a path and asks how Matthew got this idea. He replies that he is just the driver. Back at the car, Matthew stows the wheelchair in the trunk, while John has already taken a seat in the back seat when suddenly someone shoots Matthew from behind. Panicked, John climbs into the driver's seat and drives off.

When he ignores a red light at an intersection, he is hit by two other cars and then remains motionless and injured in his seat.

John wakes up in a hospital room when he recognizes Jack at his sickbed. John asks how Jack found him. Jack informs him that John has been admitted to his hospital. Jack wants to know what John is doing in LA. John also tells Jack that they have to go back to the island. It is fate that he ended up in Jack's hospital of all places. John says that someone is after him because he is very important. Jack is annoyed and asks Locke if it could not also be that he is nothing special, but maybe just a lonely old man. When Jack is about to leave the room, John sends Jack greetings from Christian. Jack says his father died in Sydney three years ago. Jack leaves, saying that John should leave him and the others alone.

At the hotel, John writes his suicide note to Jack and prepares a cable to hang himself on. With tears in his eyes he puts the noose around his neck. Suddenly someone knocks wildly on the door, which a few moments later is kicked in by a seemingly terrified Ben. He wants to calm John down and tells him that he wants to protect him. Ben admits he killed Matthew while working for Widmore. John says Widmore came to him and offered to help. Ben tries to convince John that Widmore is only using him and that John doesn't even know how important he is. John says frustrated that he couldn't convince anyone to come to the island with him. However, Ben tells him that Jack booked a ticket from L.A. to Sydney and John convinced him. Ben kneels in front of John and unties the cable. He helps John to get off the table when he immediately bursts into tears.

Ben wants them both to go to Sun to convince her. John mentions that he promised Jin not to bring his wife to the island and shows Ben his wedding ring. John sits down in his wheelchair and Ben encourages him that they will manage to bring everyone back. John mentions Eloise Hawking who supposedly can help them. At the same moment, Ben grabs the cable and strangles John until he is dead on the floor. Ben removes all traces, puts the noose back on John and hangs him from the ceiling to make it look like a suicide. Then Ben leaves the room.

On the Hydra Island [edit | Edit source]

Caesar is leafing through a booklet with a logo of the DHARMA Initiative, more precisely the Hydra on the cover. John explains that there are several stations on the island and that he has been on the island for more than 100 days, but has since left it. He cannot say how he got back to the island. Caesar tells John that there was a tall, curly-haired guy on the plane who, like other passengers, simply disappeared during the crash. Locke replies that he now knows how he got to the island. Caesar also tells John that some people were injured. When John looks at her he finds Ben Linus in a bed and says that this is the man who killed him.

Worth knowing [edit | Edit source]

Title [edit | Edit source]

The title of the episode translates as "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham“.

General [edit | Edit source]

  • Locke bought the power cord he used to hang himself on from Angel's Hardware.
  • The mango is seen by many people in India as the tree / fruit of knowledge / life.
  • The hieroglyphs on Daniel's card mean "travel north" and "time of the kings / the ancients".
  • The Life Magazine, which Caesar finds in the Hydra station, is dated April 19, 1954 and contains an article about testing a hydrogen bomb.
  • The newspaper showing Charles Widmore Locke is a copy of the fictional London Daily Tribune. It is dated January 14, 2005 and has the return of the Oceanic Six as its cover story. It also includes articles about a car accident and the dollar / euro exchange rate.
  • Jeremy Bentham was an English philosopher, social reformer and founder of classical utilitarianism. He is considered the father of feminism, a pioneer of democracy, liberalism and the rule of law.

Production [edit | Edit source]

  • Originally, this episode should be broadcast as the sixth of the 5th season. At the end of January, however, ABC announced that this episode would be swapped for "316" and will therefore be broadcast as the seventh episode. The reason for the exchange is not yet known. [1]
  • Daniel, Desmond, Jin, Juliet, Miles, Sawyer, and Sun do not appear in this episode.
  • William Blanchette as Aaron is among the roles, but does not appear in this episode.
  • John Terry is in the role as Christian Shephard, but only appears in a flashback of “This Place Is Death” at the beginning of Locke's flashback.
  • This episode has the longest running time of all episodes (with the exception of the two-hour season finale) at over 46 minutes and 46 seconds.
  • According to DarkUFO, this opening scene was originally intended for the episode "Because you went". [2]

Bloopers and script errors [edit | Edit source]

  • Charles Widmore's secret photo of Sayid shows him working as a development worker on a house in Santo Domingo. Sayid is busy building a roof with some of the other volunteers. When Locke visits him, Sayid is still working on the same roof with no sign of any progress. If you consider the time that Locke must have sat on the plane from Tunisia to Santo Domingo, the progress should be very clear.
    • However, it could also be an identical house that the development workers are now building. Then Locke would have happened to have come at a point in time when the construction progress is similar.
  • In The Return, Part 2, Hurley tells Walt that he was from Jeremy Bentham was visited. However, when Locke visited Walt in New York, he never mentioned that he was traveling under an assumed name. If Locke and Walt have not met in another meeting, Hurley's statement is actually completely incomprehensible to Walt.
    • Walt seemed completely unimpressed by Locke's appearance in New York. If he saw in his dreams that Locke was leaving the island, he could also know about his pseudonym.
  • When Locke visits Walt in New York City, they are on the corner of "W 67th St." and "8th Ave". But these streets never cross.Starting with "W59th street", all street names have also been changed and given figurative names. Therefore, they are no longer mentioned by their number. "8th Ave" is now called "Central Park West" and borders Central Park on its full length. So there could be no buildings to the southeast, assuming that Locke and Walt actually met on this street. "9th Ave" is now "Columbus Avenue". In addition, the sign of the subway indicates the entrance to the subway station "Columbus". The next possibility of access from the "W 67th" would be the "Lincoln Center" on Broadway. Still, this subway station would be half a block from where the two of them meet. The Columbus Circle Subway, indicated by the sign, is seven blocks south on W 59th St. or after the modern name "Central Park West".
  • When Hurley is furious about Locke's visit in Santa Rosa, he is led away by two supervisors. Between the cuts, these supervisors suddenly swap places at Hurley's side.
  • In "The Return, Part 2" Jack stated that Locke told him a) that Ben was no longer on the island, b) that "some very bad things happened" after Jack left the island, and c) that it was Jack's fault for these bad things since he left the island. Locke never said these things, however. So if there wasn't another meeting outside of the island between Jack and Locke, this is a connection error.
    • Locke was in the hospital where Jack works, so it's very likely that they met again there and then John mentioned these things. This may simply not have been shown because to the creators it seemed like a redundant repetition in an already unusually long episode.
  • In "Because You Were Gone," Jack says that Locke warned him that if the Oceanic 6 didn't return, anyone left behind would die. When the two of them meet, Locke actually only says that "Jack has to return" without giving any further reason.
  • Locke does not recognize the aged Charles Widmore when he appears at his hospital bed. In the episode "The Other Woman", however, Ben Locke showed a video by Charles Widmore in which Widmore was only a little younger.
    • Locke could also have pretended not to know him or did not recognize him the first moment after waking up.
  • Passports in Canada are limited to 5 years, unlike Jeremy Bentham's ID which appears to be valid for 10 years.