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Especially if it is either Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader, or Loki x Reader. In the second Avengers, when Wanda manipulated Nat's mind, it showed her in the Red Room, learning ballet and using those skills to assassinate and apply it in combat. LOL, not really (he's kinda hot, but doesn't make me drool), but no worries. Sometimes I like Thor x Reader☺ # Marvel Geek Foreva!! Got a whole two fanfics I've written where I'm dating/married to Grant Ward from Shield! ” Sebastian yelled making everyone pause and look at him.“LIZZ DOESN’T LOVE ME! ” Sherlock yelled.“Me, John, Cake, Bee, you, Tiger and Dixon I’m not sure of” Lizz listed looking around.“I AM THE BUNNY OVERLORD BOW DOWN BEFORE ME AND SARAH CONNOR! Bee looked out the window and saw a naked Greg run by holding his 3 bunnies and turtle.“Should someone get him? Bee has logged on.‘Ok which one of you removed the picture of Mycroft I posted? – Lizz’‘Yes – Dixon’‘I agree with Dixon we should get him tested – Alex’‘Agreed – Bee’‘Has anyone seen Jim I can’t find him and he won’t answer his phone? – YN’‘Eww – Sherlock’‘You’ve tried (Y/n) he’s not going to give you one – John’‘Oh he will – YN’Mary has logged on.‘Hey Mary – YN’‘Hey (Y/n) – Mary’‘Hello – John’‘You’re in the next room John you don’t have to say hello – Mary’‘Sorry for caring : C – John’‘I’m sorry – Mary’‘Jesus where the hell is Mycroft I want my lap dance! – Mary’‘Not yet I’m waiting till he comes onlin Sherlock Chatroom (Mycroft)(The pic has nothing to do with the fic I just thought it was hilarious)Dixon has started a chatroom. Sherlock has logged on.‘Hi Sherlock – Cat’‘Hello Cat – Sherlock’‘CAT GUESS WHAT?! – Cat’‘No I hacked Scotland Yard’s internet and I am now emailing Anderson gay porn – Dixon’‘Lol – Sherlock’‘Poor Anderson – Cat’Greg has logged on.‘Sherlock why are you sending Anderson porn?! Mycroft has logged on.‘H Family trouble (Sherlock chatroom)Lizz has started a chat room Dixon has logged on Sebastian has logged on'Is it set up?” Jim cried before he jumped on Sebastian clinging to him.“AHH WHY IS HE NAKED?! Bitches and Tea (Sherlock Chatroom)Lizz has started a chatroom. – Lizz’‘Me and Bee locked him in a closet for letting Gargamel drink again – Alex’‘SMURFS – Dixon’‘GREG! - Lizz''Yep - Sebastian''Hehe Jim's gonna be pissed - Dixon''Im afraid I'm gonna get fired but oh we'll - Sebastian'Jim has logged on Greg has logged on Alex has logged on'Hey guys - Alex''Heeeeeeeey - Sebastian''Wow Dixon and Sebastian on the same chat room - Jim''We talked things out - Dixon''We didn't want to put trauma on Kevin so we came to a mutual friendship - Sebastian''Kevin is a dog - Greg''*le gasp* how dare you!!! - Sebastian'John has logged on Bee has logged on Cake has logged on'Oh get over it Greg's right - Alex'Dixon has unfriended Alex Sebastian has unfriended Alex'Oh real mature - Alex''What's going on? - Dixon''I really hate that dog - Jim'Dixon has unfriended Jim Sebastian has unfriende Sherlock Chatroom *BONUS 2* (Sebastian XReader)Mycroft has logged on. Mary has logged on.‘Why is (Y/n) screaming from her room?So I'm sorry for ant oocness and also ur powers are that you can hack into computers aaaaaannnnddd jump into them so imagine you with (army from video game) in the battle of New York and I may continue this and just stay in this universe... idk I don't own avengers Loki and Steve own you This is so cute! I have a serious addiction for cute and hilarious Avengers x reader stories like this. " you said as you pushed the button on your phone.(y/n) has joined the private chat room Tony: oh shit(y/n): STARK! me:go get a lifewade:but..butme:butts are for pooping wade:your hurting my feelingsme: oh really,wade:yesme:well I'm sorrywade:awwww really "smashes window wades on"wade: "falling" wwwwhhhhhhhyme: "sticks out tongue"bucky:nice oneme: thanks ❤️Bucky: no problem doll❤️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 BONNIE NOOOOOOOOOO😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 FOXEY STAY AWAY FROM ME 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 CHICA I LOVE YOU WHYY😂😂😂😂😂😂 AND MY BROTHER HAS BEEN OBSESSED WITH SONIC LATELY AND WADE OMG THEASE FICS R LITERALLY KEEPING ME ALIVE Yayy!! I actually have to watch Supernatural and Doctor Who in order to complete the fandom trio. im here to talk to you about the new girl initiative Natasha: you want to date my best friend? *knocks out cold and curls up**Bucky smiles while he covers her with her favorite blanket and kisses her on the cheek*No problem doll.*click*Clint, you're next. Tony: Your probably wondering why ive gathered you all here...

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*(Y/n) posted 20 pictures from the yaoi collection*Tony: Wtf is Yao-- OH MY GOSH CLINT THATS US!!!

If no, I still want to know if you have a certain person from stories.... Sherlock chatroom continuation 4Dixon has started a chatroom. Jim has logged on.‘Hey My My – Dixon’‘Dixon – Mycroft’‘Dixon where’s Lizz? Cake and Mycroft were clinging to John, Lizz was on Sherlock’s lap, Jim was crying behind the sofa, Bee was trying to call Greg and Dixon was clinging to Mycroft.“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?! – Lizz’‘I don’t know – Bee’‘Tiger’s in the next room watching Fair city so he may have problems I’m not sure yet – Dixon’‘He has problems for watching Fair City? – Jim’‘Helloooooooooooo Jim – Lizz’‘Stop texting me! – Jim’‘*Innocent whistle* - Sebastian’‘*Awkward shuffle* - Dixon’‘TRAITORS! – Kat’‘Lol Sherl Sherlock Chatroom *BONUS* (Lestrade XReader)(Y/n) has logged on. John has logged on.‘Hey guys – YN’‘Hey (Y/n) – John’‘Hello – Sherlock’‘Has anyone seen Mycroft? – Sherlock’‘I want a lap dance and since he’s a hooker…. – Greg’‘*Insert innocent whistle here* - Dixon’‘Stop harassing Anderson – Greg’‘Fine – Dixon’Greg has logged out.‘Aww I miss him already – Cat’‘Yeah – Dixon’Mary has logged on.

Jim – Sherlock’‘Sherlock – Mycroft’‘Sherly – Jim’‘Fuck.

By the time I enter the bathroom, it was invaded by bubbles. Today is an other normal day that Levi still need to wake up someone's ass because they drank too much the other night."You have sleep enough, shitty glasses." He pulled Hanji off the couch and throw her down to the ground. "Saito's murderer, the chainsaw clown, throw a deadly gaze which met up with the lonely Mei with the corpse of his "hero" and it approach in a slow and creepy manner with his weapon bathed in blood ready to cut her body in tiny bits."No...

The crash between head and ground made quite an impact which waked her up."Shorty? "After shutting her up with his foot, he regretted it since her saliva stained his boots. That means what you said earlier what just pretending being a cool guy?

She isn't the one who likes to get messy, but why does she gets so dirty as soon she come back from school?

She is supposed to be the cute and clean girl each time I see her but this is not what she is currently from what I see."Filthy brat.""Sorry brother Levi...""Let's take a bath, shall we."I think that taking baths together became an usual thing for both of us. I'll be coming later, so don't do some stupid stuff while I'm not here.""Yes sir!

Next part: Nothing belongs to me except the plot. Glad I could make your day ^~^and I will not get over the fact that Levi thought I was a boy!

""How can you be so disgusting after school every time? Sorry.""Don't accuse yourself pathetic fool."Does this kid can take care once of her body?

– Bee’‘Touchy, touchy – Lizz’ Sherlock chatroom (another not reader insert)Dixon has started a chatroom. DJ has logged on.‘Hey Tiger, DJ – Dixon’‘Hiiiiiiiiii – Sebastian’‘Hello – DJ’‘Tiger are you drunk? - Cake''Scroll up - Lizz''Oh you had to dis Kevin - Bee''IT'S A DOG!! – Sebastian’‘No idea – Mary’(Y/n) has logged on.‘FUCKING FINALLY!! – Sebastian’(Y/n) has been disconnected.‘Wonder what happened?

– Mycroft’‘She’s throwing stuff – Sebastian’Jim has logged on.‘My sister is scaring me what happened?! - YN’(Y/n) has been disconnected.‘AHH – Sebastian’‘Sebby? – Sebas Sherlock Chatroom (Moriarty XReader)(Y/n) has started a chatroom. Greg has logged on.‘Hey Greg – YN’‘Hey (Y/n) – Greg’‘Who’s Greg?