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Paultre Bell's new life first took shape on November 25, 2006, when, in the early morning of what was to be her wedding day, her fiancé, Sean Bell, was shot and killed by New York City detectives.

They sprayed Bell and his friends, who were leaving his bachelor party at a Queens strip club, with 50 bullets.

The recent discovery might revive scientific interest, and perhaps stir old passions as well.Researchers under the supervision of an Israeli archaeologist, Eilat Mazar, believe that the current dig is conducted at the site where the palace of the Judean kings once stood. It bore the name of Gemaryahu, son of Shaphan, who is also mentioned in the Book of Jeremiah, and was a top official in the court of King Zedekiah's predecessor, King Yehoyachim.As described in the Bible, the First Temple was the center of Judean political and religious life, and is at the center of Jewish claims to historical links to Jerusalem, as articulated by generations of Jews who pray for "next year in Jerusalem." A succession of Judean kings ruled the area until 586 B. E., when the Babylonians destroyed the First Temple, which stood on what Jews now call the Temple Mount. The existence of two seals from the same era lends historical credibility to the biblical descriptions, and according to Maariv, has encouraged the archaeologists to keep digging.Two detectives were charged with manslaughter, felony assault, and reckless endangerment; a third was charged only with reckless endangerment, but all were acquitted by Justice Arthur Cooperman in New York State Supreme Court almost two weeks before the Brooklyn Bridge protest.They still face possible federal and police department charges, as well as civil suits.We love a story about overcoming life's hardest obstacles.Nicole Bell, the widow of Sean Bell, is now telling her story about losing her husband the morning of their wedding day, police brutality, and regaining life (and love) after contemplating suicide. This November will mark the 10 year anniversary of Sean Bell's death.The spot is also revered by Muslims, who believe that Mohammed ascended to heaven from the site where two mosques now stand. The existence of ancient Jewish links to Jerusalem has been denied by some Arabs, including Yasser Arafat.The name of the court official as it appears on the newly discovered seal - Jehudi, son of Shelemiah - is cited in the Old Testament book of Jeremiah. Archeological digs in Jerusalem, and specifically around the Temple Mount, known to Arabs as Haram a Sharif, have been contentious in the recent past.The NYPD officers involved in the fatal shooting were acquited and found not guilty. The officers -- undercover detectives investigating reports of prostitution at the club -- said they opened fire because they thought one of the men was reaching for a gun. The shooting and subsequent acquittals of the officers ignited protests and raised questions about whether the NYPD was too quick to use excessive force against minorities.Nicole Paultre Bell was featured in the Rocawear "I Will Not Lose" Campaign. Last week, Bell's family and their lawyers met privately with federal prosecutors to discuss a possible civil rights case against the shooters.