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Naruto is dating who

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This time, the 'hot kunoichi hired to kill you' kind of trouble. And those Kunais she had landed in his arms had hurt like a bitch... With a somersault, dodging all his attacks, she had basically sat herself on his shoulders, crossing her legs in front of his chest. She just kept on applying strenght to the grip she had on his neck...

She had landed a couple of heavy Taijutsu hits, and she probably knew Ninjutsu too. Aiming for parts that could grant him instant death.

Naruto blinked when he heard a clear moan coming out of her mouth.

Ayane was almsot drawing blood from her lower lip, trying with all her might to snap the neck of that annoying little blonde bastard... Naruto slowly turned his head so that he could look at her embarassed and flushed face.

His neighbours usually didn't have pets because they feared the 'little demon could command them to bite their necks in their sleep'.

" Naruto didn't remember ever seeing around black cats like that one. There were packs in front of the apartment to his right.

After blocking her hands from slamming two kunais in his skull, he was currently trying his best to keep her from breaking his neck with her tights."I didn't think...

He put on his pants and his jacket, forgetting to close it, though.

That was because he had never seen anyone with such a dark shade of skin, and…

Because he was the fox's jinchūriki, Naruto was treated as an outcast by most of the villagers and his peers until he was twelve years old.

Despite learning the truth of his nature during his fight with Mizuki, it was thanks to Iruka's kindness that convinced Naruto to continue trying to gain the villagers' acknowledgement.

Ayane"Argh..."Naruto had just wanted to sleep in peace.

She was superior in almost everything to her opponent, but his quick reflexes, high stamina and that healing factor were a bitch when you wanted to cripple him to land in a sure-kill hit."Ghh...

"They stay invisible if they're scared.""Ohhh…" He nodded and kept on staring at the same spot she was staring at for a few minutes, before blinking, suddenly noticing that he didn't know what she was talking about. Cue him getting even more isolated by his peers because of how strange the things he talked about were. This time the book was called '100 ways to kiss: from lips-to-lips to the screwdriver'. The situation got awkward very soon, in his eyes."Ehm… " He said, trying to break that unnerving silence."…" Soi Fong stared at him for another few seconds and thenturned around, signalling the end of the speech, now ruined. "For the duration of the training you will refer to me as Soi Fong-sama.""… "I will not go easy on you, trainee." The blonde felt like whimpering 'Mommy', but he was sure she would take another shot at castrating him if he did.--"Focus! Naruto always thought that it was a joke, but the second division best members really trained like that.

She's an year younger than you.""Uh…" The young Naruto shyly observed the girl with a different shade of blonde in her hair than his own who was kneeling near a bush a few meters behind the grown up who he didn't know. Informatator or whatever it was called for Hokage-jiisan. "You scare them.""…" The little boy had kneeled down beside her, mimicking her posture. ""The Green Beetles." She replied, keeping her voice down. They live under their bushes all the year except for august, when they come out from there and double their size to go looking for food.""Ohhh… ""Mostly smaller beetles."The Hokage and mister Lovegood chuckled at the two children's behaviour, and how Naruto seemed captivated by Luna's words."Your little girl seems pretty knowledgeable.""I bring her with me in all my travels and she keeps on asking questions. Every time they met, Luna had something new to tell or show him, and sometimes she brought with her some kind of book, newspaper or magazine that she had managed to pick from her father's library without being seen. He smiled as well and then hugged her."We told each other what we did… He felt the stare of the woman who was giving them the entrance speech. She was just staring at him without saying anything. The expression on the lower part of his face was comical. ""Not yet." Soi Fong was standing in the middle of the room, clad in a completely black battle suit, her arms crossed and her stare on him. Soi Fong didn't even twitch."Soi Fong-sama." Naruto couldn't do nothing but nod. " It wasn't very easy having a martial arts fight on top of a forest of bamboo sticks. When she interrogated the evaluators about the thing, they replied that they had of course noticed, but they couldn't do anything but rank him excellent because he had never lost a hand to hand fight.

Then she started moving down her face, taking in the rest of his body. And Naruto blushed when she observed his boxers for a while longer than the maximal safe time."W-WAIT A MINUTE!

I think I met your cat…""Indeed." She had given him a reply, but she hadn't broken eye-contact with his body. He had grabbed her shoulders and forcefully made her stand back on her feet."Just checking you out." Naruto blushed even more.