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I don't want to summarize it here--though I will reproduce a quick quote:"[I]n a May 3 email, [Library Director Gail] Sweet told staffers that they needed to 'pull' Revolutionary Voices from library shelves.'How can we grab the books so they never, ever get back into ccirculation (sic),' Sweet wrote to BCLS staffers.Share your work and ideas by using Mirroring360 and allow others to help you.Mirroring360 lets you remotely share and record your Chromebook, i Pad, i Phone, Android, Windows, and Mac screens without the requirement for equipment or links.

When library books don't go to the book sale, they get a) put in the recycling bin, if the library is responsible or b) put in the trash.I tend to ignore anything that the Trendy Kids are doing these days; Chat Roulette is a good example. but still insisted that we turned up for work every day and sat at our desks.But in essence (for the benefit of anyone reading over the age of 30): you visit a website and are connected (at random) to someone else who has also visited the site. At any time you (or the other party) can end the conversation, whereupon you are connected to someone else. But the most interesting bit is that you are encouraged to use your webcam, as is the other party. The naive reader may think that this would be a good way to meet new people and have deep and meaningful conversation. They even maintained that we wrote weekly reports, even though mine said: “This week: dicked about. When head office would finally throw us out, and drive down with their van to empty the building … And we are left in an office full of computers and games consoles with precious little to do.Reflector is a wireless mirroring application that enables the Android and i OS users to stream everything wirelessly.The Cannes Cyber Lions showed why owned media is key and how not to simply add to the clutter of the web.In digital advertising the big players battled hard, with Google opening Ad Words to 300,000 apps via its Ad Mob integration, while preparing for the European rollout of its web TV service.Facebook launched a major ad push, creating deeper ties with Apple, Zynga and Word Press, scrapping 'credits' for local currencies and opening to third party ad platforms for first time.One of the younger, clued-up, with-it, unmortgaged members of our group has been telling us all about Chat Roulette. But for reasons best known to themselves, our esteemed employers had chosen to piddle on us from a great height.I am notoriously old-fashioned and resistant to change; treating any new technology or fad with extreme scepticism. They had given us our redundancy notices, taken great care to demonstrate how little they cared for us, given us no real work to do …Mirror your gadget to your PC for amusement recording.Offer photographs or music with your family on a wide screen (through a PC or media box like Fire TV).