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Først sine forældres byrde som tredjedatter, så en mulig investering gennem fordelagtigt giftermål, som man blev trænet benhårdt op til, så som fødemaskine for i bedste fald en ægtemand, ellers som ’lille svigerdatter’, dvs. Erotiske nydelser Hele livet var kinesiske kvinder af fortællerens velstående klasse lukket inde i et værelse på første sal og havde intet kendskab til verden udenfor.

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Archaeologists commonly use the onset of the construction of large burial monuments as a material indicator of a fundamental shift in authority in prehistoric human societies during the Holocene.High-quality direct evidence of this transition is rare.

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To review your scheduled Orientation date please visit your my Profile in the my UK web portal under the Student Services tab and my Info link.

Constraining Holocene hydrological changes in the Carpathian-Balkan region using speleothem δ18O and pollen-based temperature reconstructions. Constantin, S., Robu, M., Munteanu, C.-M., Petculescu, A., Vlaicu, M., Mirea, I., Kenesz, M., Drăguşin, V., Hoffmann, D., Anechitei, V., Timar-Gabor, A., Roban, R.-D., Panaiotu, C.

Reconstructing the evolution of cave systems as a key to understanding the taphonomy of fossil accumulations: The case of Urşilor Cave (Western Carpathians, Romania).

Structural limitations in deriving accurate U-series ages from calcitic cold-water corals contrast with robust coral radiocarbon and Mg/Ca systematics.

Uranium series dating reveals a long sequence of rock art at Altamira Cave (Santillana del Mar, Cantabria).

Over the next several centuries (AD 1300-1600) monument building began on other islands across Oceania.

Future research should be aimed at resolving the causes of these social transformations through higher quality data on monument building.

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