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I guess everyone else says that this site is the bomb. haha You meet people and just chillax with other people and talk about weird things or nothing at all right well find me in redneck chat (Farmboy) check you later I've been coming here on and off for about three years.
Are you sitting on your sofa and perhaps seriously considering dialing some of those scorching hot Kansas City KS phone sex lines you have spotted in the news shortly before bedtime?

Irish sex toy chat

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The spammer writes: “As I sit here sipping a martini it is my regretful duty to inform you that you have been selected for assassination.” He also claims to be a professional assassin and encloses his certificate of assassination as proof.

“SMERSH have contacted me to assassinate you and have specifically paid extra for a particularly nasty death which makes it look like you died in a particularly bizarre sex game gone wrong,” the email continues.

Over the weekend, Matthews auctioneers in County Meath, Ireland, is offering for sale an “antique carved ivory ladies’ companion in scarlet lined leather upholstered carry box with inset bevelled glass panel”. “It is a beautiful piece, which comes from one of the well-known Anglo-Irish families,” auctioneer Damien Matthews told the Irish Times.

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Most of us have been notified we have won the lottery or that an African dictator’s assistant wants to transfer millions to our account.

Being that it is porous, I can only imagine the bacterial and odor build up after years of, um, "use" of that thing.

Ivory is porous, which is why it makes such perfect piano keys (while sweating, your fingers will tend not to slip off of ivory keys, as opposed to some plastic ones).

He said spams were sent out at random so spammers don’t know who will get them.

“But if they get a response from anyone, then they do know this person exists, offers feedback, and is a potential victim of a targeted attack they can prepare just for them,” he said.

The reality is that most of FDR’s interventions were neutral to negative, measured against the scale of the economic problem, and that the reach of radio at the time is as overestimated as was the emotional impact of his broadcasts, at least in terms of their practical outcomes.

In economic or environmental disasters, people who cannot cope die, and those who can, survive.

Now, each and every single child that appeared on the Late Late Toy Show last night was the cutest, most talented, trooper ever, but little Alex from Donegal immediately stole our hearts with his beautiful northern accent, and his impeccable manners.

The manufacturer of a bluetooth-enabled sex toy in Canada has reached a US class action settlement of almost million (NZD.7 milion), after it was found to be collecting intimate data about the way purchasers used the vibrator device.

It is a process when successful, that has many people claiming parentage, but is in fact a foundling.

Our social assumptions are built on a belief in cause-and-effect.