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I needed excitement to get through my days and weeks of pain.

So there was always something to keep my mind spinning and my pulse quickened. My business has moments because working with clients in recovery is never without excitement as emotions and memories come and go. It’s real and it’s meaningful and it’s actually accomplishing something (even though it doesn’t always feel like it).

Invalidation Invalidating environment – what is it?

I never thought I would say this, but I don’t get worked up easily.

I do not blame him, as I can see that he had a rough time when young also.

When growing up I was different to everyone else though as I was a very different age and a girl and I was emotional and kept my emotions to myself.

If you buy something that doesn't work properly and then try to fix it yourself, you invalidate the warranty.

If you have a wacky theory that cars grow from trees, your teacher might invalidate your theory by taking you on a tour of an auto factory.

It has a tendency to change the external in subtle (yet substantial) ways until one day we wake up from an afternoon nap and realize everything is different. Unlike the people on dating sites who say they don’t want drama and really do, I am really not interested in drama anymore.

It used to help distract me from my pain and fill the emptiness.

And given that our feelings are our guides - every feeling carries an important message - then we're missing out on that essential system.

For instance, if we don't trust our fear, how do we know if we're in danger, and then how can we take the necessary steps to protect ourselves?

It may be that someone uses words or actions in doing something that upsets you repeatedly, yet indirectly. Abuse can be prevalent too – emotional and physical.

Simply growing up in a family where everyone seems different from you can be invalidating, even if no one is telling you there is something wrong with you, you may think there is – like you are the black sheep or outsider. My mum had severe mental illness when I was young, and could be very loving one minute but destructive to me the next.