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Intimidating dog

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Though large dog breeds can present an intimidating challenge to most dog owners it is important to remember that these gentle giants are not as aggressive as their size might indicate.

Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds and a variety of Mastiffs have the appearance of a dangerous animal but in reality they are kind hearted canines that make great pets to have around families and children.

The sooner you teach a giant dog breed proper training the easier it will be to control when it grows into its full size.

Large and giant dog breed owners need to remember that despite the size difference their tone and body language can trump a Great Dane's imposing stature.

But if something fearsome is not what you are after, then how about the ultimate country house dogs? Most have similar attributes: imposing size, impressive physique, intimidating appearance and, above all, intelligence.

However unfairly these dog breeds with bad reputations may be portrayed in the social collective consciousness, educating yourself about the documented behaviors of certain breeds can save you a lot of heartache and possibly prevent a bad household situation, especially if children are involved.As its name suggests, it’s really a mixture of two breeds, the mastiff and the bulldog.It was developed in the mid-1800s, and originally bred to be the gamekeeper’s companion, helping him in his battle with poachers.Maintain eye contact and be firm in your commands with a giant dog breed in order to earn his respect.As with any dog breed the gentle giants want affection as well and using a consistent system of rewards for good behavior and punishments for bad behavior will train these dogs to act according to your rules.However, even a diligent training regime can sometimes prove fruitless.It is important to recognize that some breeds, regardless of their formative years, tend to behave more aggressively toward humans and other dogs.When the owner doesn’t act as the clear leader in the relationship, the dog will take over the leadership role.They can become aggressive toward other animals unless they are trained to behave with good manners.As with medium and large size dog breeds it is imperative that any giant size dog breed be trained when it is a puppy and before it grows into full size.No matter how good-natured a Great Dane may be if it hasn't been taught discipline and obedience at a young age it will be near impossible to control him when he is twice your size.