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The URL that is used to display the manual can be changed in the configuration file Every window that is opened by SQL Workbench/J for the first time is displayed with a default size.

Transactions ensure that data-oriented resources are not permanently updated unless all operations within the transactional unit complete successfully.By combining a set of related operations into a unit that either completely succeeds or completely fails, one can simplify error recovery and make one's application more reliable.Transaction processing systems consist of computer hardware and software hosting a transaction-oriented application that performs the routine transactions necessary to conduct business. This is automatically the case when you extract the distribution archive with sub-directories.You can choose to display a single-page version of the HTML help (easier to search) or a multi-page version of the help that is easier to navigate.Because the trigger uses the clause, it might be executed multiple times, such as when updating or deleting multiple rows.You might omit this clause if you just want to record the fact that the operation occurred, but not examine the data for each row.Transaction processing is information processing in computer science that is divided into individual, indivisible operations called transactions.Each transaction must succeed or fail as a complete unit; it can never be only partially complete. A trigger defined on a schema fires for each event associated with the owner of the schema (the current user).A trigger defined on a database fires for each event associated with all users. Compound triggers make it easier to program an approach where you want the actions you implement for the various timing points to share common data. When a trigger is fired, the tables referenced in the trigger action might be currently undergoing changes by SQL statements in other users' transactions.