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Before arriving at the premiere, the "Deepwater Horizon" actress also complimented her man's red carpet look in a series of Snapchats.

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I was at the Arizona Diamondbacks/San Francisco Giants game on Sunday, September 16th.

Some time during every game they do the “Kiss Cam” where they put couples on the jumbotron and try to get them to kiss.

Not too good at holding grudges, he also believed in giving others a second chance.

Cam tried to be himself at all times, but it was difficult since everyone counted on him to be a perfect image when he all wanted is just to fit in.

Whatever confidence he lacked in social settings, however, he more than made up for it on the ice with his dominating skills yet, ironically, he disliked hockey.

He was friends with Tristan Milligan, Tori Santamaria, Mike Dallas, and Alli Bhandari, and was in a relationship with Maya Matlin, who was his first love, for the majority of his stint on season 12.

I put the question out to my Facebook friends and none of them had ever seen a same-sex couple on the Kiss Cam either.

Cam disliked Luke Baker, and eventually became enemies with Zig Novak.

Cam was on the Toronto Ice Hounds hockey team as their leading star.

West's call for tolerance remains the highest-profile rebuke of gay-bashing that hip-hop has seen.

But old habits die hard, and last week, West amended his position somewhat on "Run This Town," a new Jay-Z single on which the Chicago rapper is a featured guest.

"It's crazy how you can go from being Joe Blow," West begins his rap, "to everybody on your dick—no homo." , to those unfamiliar with the term, is a phrase added to statements in order to rid them of possible homosexual double-entendre.

("You've got beautiful balls," you tell your friend at the bocce game—"no homo.") began life as East Harlem slang in the early '90s, and in the early aughts it entered the hip-hop lexicon via the Harlem rapper Cam'ron and his Diplomats crew.

Cam (By everyone)Rookie/Rook (by Dallas and Luke)Lil' Cam (By Dallas)Jersey Boy (By Tori) Ice Cube (by Luke)Mama's Boy (By Luke)Cheesy (By Maya, Tori, and Tristan)Birdman (Dallas)Superstar (By Maya)The Regurgitator (By Luke)Suicide Dude (By Harry)Psycho (By Zig)Saunders (By The Ice Hounds) Campbell "Cam" Saunders (1997-2013) was a sophomore (Grade 10) at Degrassi.

Like his Junior Hockey teammates, Campbell was a strong athlete.

Your partner may come up with a dozen excuses to say "Not tonight, dear, I have a ____," but how many reasons can the two of you name for wanting to have sex? It’s a stark contrast from historical assumptions, which cited only three sexual motive: To make babies, to feel good, or because you're in love.

A 2010 Sexuality & Culture review of sex motivation studies states that people are offering "far more reasons for choosing to engage in sexual activity than in former times." And we're doing it more often too.