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If you have anything juicy to tell or something you want to get off your chest, this is the place to Disclaimer: This website contains sexual content and is intended for adult audiences only.

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Me and all of my buddies were getting drunk, well i got so drunk i passed out on the couch at my buddies house.

Next thing i know, a women is tapping me on the shoulder telling me to wake up.

Greatly ill but unable to take a dump directly into Grandpa’s urine, I gave the toilet a little flush before I got started.

It’s crazy, I thought I’d be writing this blog from a moon base, while my space kids play outside on their i Phone 7s.

Dating is tough—the nerves, the outfit selection, the small talk, the nervous drinking and over-sharing, and that bit of spinach you didn’t know was in your teeth! And as the digital age continues to reign supreme, things have only gotten harder: There’s swiping and last logins to think about, and seeing exes pop up in eligible matches are just a few of the fun new challenges we face.

That said, the silver lining of a weird, funny, or just plain bad date is that it always makes for a great story.

Several years ago I was returning from a road trip and spending a few days with a friend and his family.

He was showing me around his hometown and took me to his favorite hotdog joint Hank’s Franks, insisting that we indulge in his usual 3 or 4 (or more) hotdogs per person.

As the night continued, the guys in the room were all competing for the gals attention. "I can drink more than him.." ....[Read more] Alright, Me and my Boyfriend are always playing pranks on eachother (he's got an awesome sense of humor, that's why I love him!

) but then one day I nearly killed him for a prank that nearly got me expelled.

He had this remote toy for his cat that would vibrate at the push of a button on a small remote.

Well this toy could be taken apart and still work, the vibrating part is about the size and width of a quarter...

It’s a small comfort to know that if you end up venturing into a date that’s a total waste of time, a hilarious mismatch, or ends horrifically, you’ll automatically be the most interesting person at brunch the next weekend.

And to let you know that you’re not alone out there, here are a few terrible (read: entertaining as hell) tales from some real women who spilled the gory details of funniest and weirdest first dates.