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It is surpassed only by the Great Wall of China as the longest defensive wall in existence.

ure you’ve seen photos…but the only way to really appreciate the Great Wall of China is to stand on its walls and stare in awe as it snakes across the Gobi Desert and China’s placid mountains like a majestic ridge-backed dragon.

Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0 قرابة العام 220 ق.م.

بدأ كين شين هوانغ يجمع بقايا حصون قائمة ليُشكّل فسيفساء نظام دفاع متسقِ في وجه اجتياحات الشمال.

Built by a succession of imperial dynasties over the last two millennia, the network of fortifications and towers has evolved over the centuries—defining and defending the outer reaches of Chinese civilization.

During his famous visit to the Great Wall in 1972, Richard Nixon (in a Bush Jr–esque moment of eloquence) stated: “.” And he was right—the Great Wall of China is undoubtedly one of the ancient world’s most amazing feats of engineering.

There simply aren’t many cultural landmarks on the earth that symbolize the sweep of a nation’s history more powerfully than the Wall.

On the other hand, a number of Chinese intellectuals have pointed to the Wall as a symbol of what’s wrong with China – that it’s too conservative, focused on past glory days, and tends to look inward rather than outward.

British researcher William Lindesay, aided by Google Earth, GPS and several other experts, found the new section last Autumn in Ömnögovi Province, a sensitive region 25 miles north of the China-Mongolian border.

‘We followed the Wall there for about 100 kilometres (60 miles), parallel to Mongolia’s southern border with China and made some unexpected discoveries in terms of both the Wall’s condition and its probable age,’ said Lindesay, who was joined on the expedition by China-Mongolia border region expert Dr.

Poursuivis jusque sous les Ming (1368-1644), ces travaux ont produit le plus gigantesque ouvrage de génie militaire du monde.

Son importance historique et stratégique n'a d'égale que sa valeur architecturale.