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It contains traspassing solution (you are free to go into counts private rooms). I hope that you understand that I couldn't make sex available. Admins have permited this version only Greetings goranga, Great mod, curiously a few days ago I was juggling with the idea of doing something like this since bitting Casta Scribonia's neck is just not enough interaction haha.If somebody wants to play the adult parts of a relationship too, this should also work in conjunction with several mods of this specific kind, right? This is just original description (first release)that was meant to be for female players only Note: You don't need "N" hotkey here. I get a "I HAVE NO GREETING" dialoge everytime I use the Approach key on a female NPC. You will need to install the Script Extender to use it though.

Type: Crime Functions(translation: fragment from Oblivion Scripting For Modmakers 1.2 russian edition)EDIT by LHammonds (File Admin): This mod relies on a mod that was banned from TESNexus and as such cannot be uploaded here. BTW Does anybody have an idea of some ways of interacting with kids to void them being purely "cosmetic" addition. The example of this is when you take your kid to church and use dialog to explane to him "This is the church. After that the kid will find church, use some AI and return home without problems. I do not know, whether you will understand my bad English, but I will try.I can alway give them some basic AI like sit, eat, follow etc. You only need to set to points "This is your home" and "This is a church". I wished to offer pair of ideas for yours a fashion dating system II which, concern only the female character, but, I hope, to you will like.On Economics On his death in the autumn of 2006, Milton Friedman was lauded as "the grandmaster of free-market economic theory in the postwar era" by the New York Times and "the most influential economist of the second half of the 20th century" by the Economist....Environmental Debt Amy Larkin is the author of Environmental Debt: The Hidden Costs of a Changing Global Economy. You can use the short-cut defined in "Vip Cxj_Air System.ini" to switch the fly-mode. You can control the percentage of the NPC who can fly in combat.4. If you have used my another mod "Vipcxjs Real High Heels System", this version fix the bug that when you stop fly the real high heels will be reset. You can close this function by setting "b NPC" to 0.3.If it all goes as planed, dialogs will be fully voiced (in English). At example boys can fight other boys with wooden swords etc... That means you need to do it manualy, which can be done only in vanilla oblivion (it's way too much work to make it compatible with every mod and expansion out there).Also, I will make it so you can date any npc anywhere (including modder's made places, expansions etc). Looser will weep and search for his mother's care. But alternative to this is, as you said, to put some marker (coordinates) via dialog.Tragedy of the Virgin Bride After centuries in the extended family, the old manor — once a castle — looks like it is to finally pass from the family line.For Josephine, this is just the latest tragedy she has had to face and, from her point of view, there is nothing but... Net 3.0 Preparing readers to program in C#, this authoritative guide provides the necessary background information on how the . The Cuban Connection The Cuban Connection is a book for youth of all ages and crosses genre lines.