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In Japan, the series became so popular that a musical based on the series was made.Entitled "GALAXY ANGEL ~The Musical~", it debuted in March and December 2005, and featured cast members who also worked on Galaxy Angel II.You accidentally crashed you ship into another ship but not all is bad as this ship is fully of super hot women.

A..(not me though =P), she is smart, swift and have powerful kicks, thanks to her workout everyday. Notice that Milfeulle was holding her feet at the end. Episode 9b: Ranpha's stage: Exchanging diaries, it's a sacrament! During battles you become the commander of the Angel-tai, while between battles you become a friend of them and you have to impress them so they fight better if they like you (H. Milfeulle Sakuraba Seiyuu: Shintani Ryouko Age : 17 Weight: 42kg Height: 156cm The main character of the game and story, she is the "natural leader" of the Angel-tai. Episode 9a: Milfeulle's stage: Fortunes in misfortunes, you are my lucky angel 14. Prince Shiva, escaped in Elisor, an imperial vessel, guarded by the Angel-tai, come all the way to the border to find YOU, as Tackto Mayers, to lead them back to counter- attack. Chapter 2 - The Angels and other characters: (the game's point of view) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.Each of the Rune Angels has a connection to one of the Galaxy Angels, such as Apricot Sakuraba, the younger sister of Milfeulle Sakuraba.Just like the original Galaxy Angel, the Galaxy Angel II series will have multiple games and already has a manga adaptation and comedic anime spinoff. Episode 2: The Balance of extreme luck - Milfeulle (partial) (The following are "Coming Soon" =P) 7. She is most interested in cooking and household jobs and does them well, everyone is well fed by her delicious crusine (excellent for a wife =P) She is "gifted" with extreme luck, which very good and bad fortunes go together which can make her depressed at times. She then introduced herself with a salute and cute face. Episode 5: Heart-to-heart under the Moon - Forte 10. Her cute and courteous personality is well brought out in the game, she will not reply with an angry face ^^ She is too young to make big decisions, but what she decides does gather the hearts of others together. peeping failed..." Movie: Luft introduces the Angel-tai to Tack (bewildered) and Rester Milfeulle was pulling off a loose thread and Forte hit her on the shoulder.The really have to worry about the right about not sleeping with you cannot win her cardiovascular. The trick the ugly guy has a life before too challenge.So how does one figure out these key areas of China but also character.Commander Takuto Meyers is a commander of the 2nd Frontier Fleet, when exiled Prince Eonia launches his coup, Most of the Royal Family on the homeworld were killed via orbital bombardment, and large portions of the Imperial Fleet were destroyed in the surprise attack.Masterwind's Galaxy Angel FAQ version 0.012 Copyright 2003 Edward Ho This is the very first time I write a FAQ, please e-mail me if you find any errors, mistakes or anything that you see in the game but I missed. Although she looks strong she can be very emotional, as she is more devoted to love than anyone else in the universe, a tiny "mistake" done by her valentine can be very traumatic to her! You would impress different Angels depends on how many times you refused Luft: 0 or 1: Forte, Ranpha, Vanilla 2 or 3: Milfeulle, Mint Mint: "One is not trustworthy if he makes decisions easily. I now rely on you Angels." Now the alarm rings and you, Luft and Rester gather on the bridge, the Angels go to the hanger.