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In the internet realm, the video-calling has risen modestly from 20% of internet users in April 2009 to 23% of internet users in the summer 2010 survey.On any given day, 4% of internet users are participating in video calls, video chat, or teleconferencing, up from 2% in April 2009. With a single button press, you are secretly connected with ladies and guys from around the globe. Discover, flirt and Video chat with new friends from around the world!He is a very proud French man with many layers to his life. Although at times, I’ve wondered if she is translating exactly what he is saying to me… Moreover, you can ask questions online anonymously on any topic and receive answers from the experienced community.

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But, you don’t have to host or be a guest to benefit from this social network for travellers.Some of the key findings in the most recent survey related to online video calls, which are conducted by 23% of the adults who are internet users: Video calling has become increasingly available as camcorders have spread through the online environment, cameras have been built into smart phones, and as video-chat services like Skype, Google Talk, and Apple i Chat have become a feature of the online and smart phone environment.Teleconferencing is also becoming more embedded in the business environment.If you have a question also, send it to [email protected] – a self-described Francophile writes about her lifelong desire to speak French.Suz lives in the states with (who she calls) her half French husband.Almost a fifth of American adults – 19% – have tried video calling either online or via their cell phones.That figure comes from adding up the number of adults who said they either had made a video or teleconferencing call online (17% of adults have done that) or made video calls on their cell phones (6% of adults have done that).In many cases people have placed video calls on both the internet and their cell phone.Those who answered yes to both questions were only counted once in the overall tally of video callers.If you open your local Couchsurfing page, you’ll find a list of events you can attend.Often, there will be a “language exchange event” or “tandem group event”. In case you don’t know, a tandem partner is a person who speaks your target language (French) and learns a language you already know (English).