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math was also something that i have been naturally good at and its something that i always enjoyed (im such a NERD! its one of those things that if you think too much about it,k it hurts. one would think it should be impossible yet its simplistically complicated.

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(however the Soulburn Scripts have been completely rewritten from scratch, giving them more features and better functionality), others are totally new concepts.Thanks to the blur folk for giving me the inspiration to learn how to code.This small tutorial uses a basic ODBC data connection defined in the form and then modifies it, via script, in order to be able to execute SQL statements which either insert, update or delete records from any table in the database for which the data connection was setup to work with.It then uses a separate data connection to the same database for query purposes only since there’s no sense complicating things with an all-purpose data connection — especially when it comes to running "select" SQL statements in order to iterate through records returned by the query.Make sure you have recurse sub directories on (it's also called "Use Folder Names" in more recent copies of winzip).

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You may recall that the tutorial on connecting a form to a database did demonstrate one method of inserting, updating and deleting records from a database.

While the correspondence may not be exact, it is useful to help understand the intent of the state or property.

# Advisory information about roles that use this state or property.

Whatever we see here is not complete to maintain the selected value if we found the model invalid in our post method and return back to the view then current selected state's cities will be lost same will happen when we need to fill and select the value in city dropdown for a saved records.

We need to add one more Java Script method to check on document.ready if there is any value already selected in state dropdown then call the Fill City method and fill our city dropdown and selected the city value which we get from the model.

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The key concept with this tutorial is the fact that the node inside an ODBC data connection (as we saw in the tutorial on selecting specific database records) can be used to execute all sorts of SQL statements — not just "select" queries.

This means that if you set the node) to be an "insert" SQL statement and open the data connection, the result will be a new record in the database as per the insert statement’s parameters (and the same goes for "update" and "delete" SQL statements).

In this document, states and properties are both treated as aria-prefixed markup attributes.

However, they are maintained conceptually distinct to clarify subtle differences in their meaning.