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We invest in people with good ideas who can create jobs, economic impact and contribute to the growth of Niagara.

Bottom A female appointed by the trafficker/pimp to supervise the others and report rule violations.Here are some tips to help you finish off the holiday season and ring in the new year mindfully: 1. Instead relax whatever you can and then relax around whatever you can't.Get Back to the Regularly Scheduled Program If you have fallen off the yoga wagon, get to a class. It can be easy to say, "Well this month is already screwed, may as well continue on in this way." Instead redirect and your body and your mind will thank you. Make Time for Doing Nothing It's important for humans to have downtime, free of i Pads, social interaction, and television. Prepare for Your Challenging Person If you know that seeing a certain family member is going to require you to be a ninja of mindfulness, prepare ahead of time. Try starting and ending your day with scan through the body to let go of any unneeded tension.​This site is for adult entertainment purposes only.You must be of a legal age to view this page and material.It seems like we all make a cultural agreement to go a little bit crazy during the holidays. ) to buy presents on the credit cards we swore off using, binging on whatever it is we are going to resolve not to eat in the new year, letting go of exercising, and maybe skipping our meditation for many days in a row. For many of us this just adds to the insanity, as we act and react in ways not congruent with the self we would like to manifest.For most people I know, spending time with family can be a complex experience.It can be detrimental and costly if you start off with a bad foundation and try to skip these processes.Make the right choices, become informed and give your business the solid ground it needs to grow and prosper for many years.If you are normally gluten-free, say no thanks to the holiday pastries at work next time. I find this to be especially true during the holidays and when I'm spending time with family. Lots of meditation and self-care in the days before you see your challenging relative can do wonders. Do this as a formal meditation and also take a moment just before you see them to do a mini version. Set an alarm on your phone for several times throughout the day to remind you to relax. If you are going into debt buying gifts, make those last minute gifts of the DIY variety. Plan to have at least 10 minutes a day to do nothing at all. This can seem impossible when you are visiting family and there are people and activities at every turn. I also recommend sending that person a lot of loving-kindness. This will help you to come from an open and compassionate place instead of shutting down or falling into old behaviors.