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Still, surrounded by strangers with familiar faces, faces like mine, one cannot deny that this is the feeling of homecoming.

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Weyant proved to be too strong in his Ealey Transportation/Weeble's Bar and Grill/Tosti's Transmission Eagle powered by an Automotive Machine motor. Last week’s feature winner Jon Gunderson finished third. Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprints Fast Time - Kelsey Carpenter NTR 12.066 Heat 1 - Michael Millard, Derek Roberts, Trevor Cook, Adam Hinds, Kelsey Carpenter, Clayton Sibley Heat 2 - James Bundy, Michael Hodel, Brett Mc Ghie, Paul Burdick, Bailey Sucich, Bill Rude, BErt Johnson Jr Heat 3 - Devin Barnes, Steve Parker, Cory Swatzina, Kevin Kirkpatrick, Julian Fuentes, Ashleigh Johnson Main - Kelsey Carpenter, Cook, Parker, Barnes, Mc Ghie, Millard, Sucich, Hinds, Rude, Sibley, Kirkpatrick, Fuentes, Johnson, Roberts, Bundy, Burdick, Swatzina, Johnson Jr Lap Leaders - Mc Ghie 1-3 Carpenter 4-25 High Society Modifieds Heat 1 - Mel Decker, Kevin Smith, Rick Smith, Dan Butenschoen, Brandon Berg, Bill Tomer, Mike Knox Jr Heat 2 - Lawrence O’Connor, Craig Moore, Adam Holtrop, Jeff Blanton, Louis Nutter Jr, Becky Boudreau, Tom Warner Main - Lawrence O’Connor, K Smith, Holtrop, R Smith, Knox Jr, Berg, Butenschoen, Nutter Jr, Tomer, Boudreau, Blanton, Decker, Moore Lap Leaders - R Smith 1-15 O’Connor 16-25 Northwest Focus Midget Series Heat 1- Tristin Thomas, Wade Spreckelmeyer, Eric Turner, Nate Vaughn, Jeremiah Franklin, Dave Mills, Shane Smith Heat 2 - Sawyer Lind, Greg Thornhill, Garrett Thomas, Todd Hartman, Hannah Lindquist, Thomas Walker, Renee Angel Heat 3 - Nick Evans, Brian Aune, Mickey Thompson, Hailey Bower, Dave Mead, Ray Stebbins, Ryan Cully Main - Tristin Thomas, G Thomas, Turner, Lindquist, Evans, Spreckelmeyer, Walker, Lind, Thornhill, Cully, Aune, Hartman, Angel, Franklin, Mead, Mills, Bower, Thompson, Vaughn, Stebbins Lap Leaders - Lind 1-4 T Thomas 5-25 Outlaw Tuners Heat 1 - Vance Hibbard, Jon Gunderson, Brian Michelson, Clint Meins, DJ Beaver, Intars Spunde, Casey Cobert, Howard Vos Heat 2 - Curtis Cameron, Kerry Bostrom, TJ Campbell, Zach Dalrymple, Jalen Vick, Terra Arnett, Paul Urqhart Main - Curtis Cameron, Meins, Gunderson, Michelson, Dalrymple, Spunde, Hibbard, Vick, Arnett, Beaver, Urqhart, Cobert, Bostrom, Campbell Lap Leaders - Cameron 1-17 Macedo takes FAST cash at Fremont Speedway Saturday, June 3, 2017 By Brian Liskai FREMONT, Ohio – For the second week in a row an “outsider” came into Fremont Speedway and took the cash from the All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads FAST Championship 410 Series presented by Ohio Logistics. 2 -Brian Smith[18] Hard Charger: 12-Daniel Harding 8 305 Sprints - Fremont Federal Credit Union Qualifying 1.99-Eric Rankin, 13.796; 2.20I-Lee Potter, 13.953; 3.28-Tim Kern, 14.181; 4.36-Clay Keim, 14.225; 5.8-Chris Nagy, 14.347; 6.16-Paul Taschler, 14.529; 7.18R-Ray Moon, 14.650; 8.11G-Harry Kresser, 15.082; 9.11X-Russ Adkins, 15.354; 10.5JR-Mike Riehl, 15.590; 11.85-Randy Curlis, 87.999; Heat 1 - (10 Laps) 1. Also moving forward was Wyatt Burks, who moved into fourth. Despite a couple of cautions, Thomas would lead the rest of the way for his first win of the year at Skagit and second of the season with the Series. With Weyant comfortably out front, Helt moved past Carroll for the second spot on lap seven. Garrett Thomas ran second with Eric Turner finishing third. Reveals to me being a father does not subject to fraud in the eyes during sex and erotic.Inspire a false sense of confidence that makes a partner who shares their own personal view other members profiles, take a while on a month.Of their marriage issued three children and three grandchildren: son, John Keith Simmons; daughter, Deborah Lynette Flores, grandson William Rogers Flores; son, Darwin Clay Simmons, grandson, Devin Alexander Simmons (d. She had a love of the mountains and when opportunity arose followed her dream, left all she knew behind and moved near friends in Livingston, MT. She was the youngest of ten children born to Loretta (Williams) Smith and Lee M. Virginia attended school in Lowrane and Loring then graduated from Malta High School and later in life attended some classes in Bozeman. While Roosevelt County Treasurer she served two terms as president of the Montana State Treasurer Association and twelve years as chairperson for the Seven County Treasurers Association, she was appointed to a two-year term on the Board of Directors of MASBA.With the help of her son Keith, she arrived August 1989. The most important thing in her life was her family and friends who she loved dearly.The top three would stay this way for the first three laps. Tristin Thomas returned to victory lane at Skagit Speedway in the Northwest Focus Midget Series. On lap four, Slater Helt cracked the top three as he trailed Weyant and Carroll. 10-Will Register, Green Ridge, MO (1) A-Main-25 laps 1. Sawyer Lind led the first four laps before Tristin made an inside pass in turn one to take the top spot. This free chore chart has helped them get active in our household chores and earn a limited amount of screen time each day.Plus I never hear them complain of being bored anymore!