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Online today, the website which only allows 'beautiful' people on its pages lest its broadband crashes due to ugly-itis (only that last part is a joke), has just unveiled its latest offering for 2014: a calendar.

The men and women were chosen out of 45,000 submissions and one of the criteria was that all the people who made the cut have had over 12,000 views on the website.

I have pock-marked skin, hooded eyes, and a bulbous nose.

My voice is deep, which apparently makes me less desirable to men.

(Exceptions made for people who may not be 10’s, but who are rich.) Obviously.

“The fundamental principal of human nature is that we all initially at least want to be with someone we’re attracted to,” explains Greg.

Others also have worthy professions, with James Lucas, a 25-year-old 'Henry Cavill lookalike' who is a nuclear engineer in the US Navy and Julian Ostensen, a 19-year-old computer engineer from Norway.

We’ve got to agree there, how many “spirit” one night stands have you heard of? The bar will be an exclusive, members only safe space for the gorgeous people to hang out in, where they won't be visually assaulted by the sight of ugly people. You can be assured only symmetrical beauties are inside so you don’t have a reaction.

"Attractiveness can convey more power over visible space, but that in turn can make others feel they can’t approach that person," said Dr.

Tonya Frevert, who studies the different ways that extreme physical beauty is received in social situations.

Like the kind of people who burn your retinas when you stare too long. “The idea for the bar springs from the website,” Greg tells , saying that in an ideal world, we “would look across the bar and see a person’s spirit or soul,” but that’s not the case.

Yes, but this is the “VIP room” for beautiful people.

There's no denying that some of the people on the website are good-looking, but the idea of a website that aims to replicate the same crappy microcosm of school life in the adult world (where only the beautiful kids are popular) is a bit hard to stomach.

However, while some can't help snorting with laughter at cover star and model Satine's quote that "moving in circles with such beautiful people is a real thrill", we do like the fact that a 38-year-old beat some of the younger women to the coveted spot.

Members of the online club, which is in 120 countries, and has over 850,000 members, have access to the private West Hollywood bar. If the BP wants to bring a guest (who may be ugly, the horror!

) that guest will be let in to mingle with the BP only if they pass muster with the on-site Beauty Police. Door people who will determine on the spot if you are good looking enough to enter.

Hodge is a former nightclub owner from London who is now managing director for Beautiful, a website he took global five years ago.

To become a member of the site, applicants must submit a photo and profile and be voted beautiful enough by a majority of members from the opposite sex. The site now claims over 750,000 members around the world who pay monthly subscriptions that average around -.