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Allen left school when she was 15 and concentrated on improving her performing and compositional skills.
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In reality TV’s 25-plus year history, there have been plenty of controversial moments.

In the early years, cast clashes were fairly infrequent and typically mundane.

The idea was toyed with back in the 1970's as an unproduced story called "The Final Game", but a freak accident claimed the life of his first actor and the plot line where the Master was meant to die after confessing his identity as the Doctor's brother was scuttled. Fans would come up with detailed and elaborate theories or plots during summer hiatuses, most of which got completely thrown out within three episodes of the new season.

May lead to Fanon Discontinuity when disgruntled fans prefer their own fanon over the canon.

From her start as a Disney pop princess to her twerk-heavy era, the singer and actress has found effective ways to evolve, provoke and promote her talent.

As we prepare us for the almost assured mayhem of her stint hosting the VMAs this Sunday, let's take a look back at some of her most iconic awards show moments.

Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna are ridiculed by critics for being white, privileged, and entitled, though they live in one of the most diverse cities in the world. We’re There’s been too much talk about Lena Dunham’s body and not enough talk about the real star of the show—the awkward, embarrassing, and humiliating scenes that we hate to watch, but can’t look away from.

"Wildest Moments" is a song by British recording artist Jessie Ware from her debut studio album, Devotion (2012).

Artis & Jess What He Thought: Artis was under the impression he was dating Jess and was ready to ditch his current girlfriend—and —for her.

The Truth: Ja'mari's real name was James, and he wasn't a model—but he didn't lie about his appearance.

What he lie about was his criminal past: He spent two years in prison for allegedly stealing three different buses, impersonating the driver, and driving them on their routes (huh? To cap it all off, the two decided to stay in a relationship and James pursued his career as a bus driver, having gotten his license in jail.

The song was released in the United Kingdom as a digital download on 29 June 2012 to positive responses and high acclaim.

Martha's suggesting the Master is the Doctor's sibling.

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This definition entered the populace when during a Q&A session at an Australian university, a young Aussie girl noted his tendency to do horrible things to on-screen couples, and to much laughter, said "We call it getting 'Jossed'".

Other sources also use this term as "shocking plot twist." This trope deals only with the "classic" definition.