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West Bend Woolen Mills offers a full line of historical Hudson's Bay Blankets known for keeping trappers, hunters, fur traders, and Native Americans warm since the 18th century.

Native Americans and Hudson Bay traders first used wool blankets as currency in 1670 for their fine quality and warmth.

While Hudson Bay Blankets offer superior water resistance and durability outdoors, their plush wool construction makes them a great addition to any bedding system.

Generally older point blankets are more valuable than regular wool blankets of the same age.There are a number of clues to dating the manufacture of various point blankets.If the blanket has a label the task is fairly easy.When the Indian Wars ended in 1890 the reservation system began.With all the tribes now wards of the United States government, federally licensed Indian trading posts were established.However, another weaving tradition began in the 18th century.The Navajo tribe of the American Southwest wove sheep’s wool into classic wearing blankets that became coveted trade items.Among all First Nations, Coast Salish peoples have been the most displaced by the forces of colonization.Coast Salish territories were divided in 1848 by an artificial boundary between Canada and the USA and large populations of settlers formed at Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle and elsewhere (right).Hudson's Bay Blankets have a proud heritage dating back to the 1700s when hunters, traders, and Native Americans used fine-quality Hudson's Bay wool blankets as currency.Hudson's Bay Blankets are hand-loomed in England using the finest wool and manufacturing techniques, blending old-fashioned craftsmanship with 21st century skill.