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It’s purely out of laziness and a false sense of looking cool and in fashion… There is equally nothing cool about wearing your baseball cap backwards… Except In Public Places: You may wear a hat indoors (yeh… It is considered disrespectful for men to wear hats in a Christian church.even a baseball cap if you absolutely must) in public buildings, such as airports, public lobbies, and crowded public elevators. At a Jewish Synagogue or Temple: Men are required to cover their heads with a “yarmulke,” a small round skullcap, also called a “kippah,” meaning .Confidence will blossom with the social skills that will allow your child to forge ahead into their future with success.Our social skills curriculum will teach children manners, and give then the tools that will go from table manners into an understanding of business etiquette.

Teaching children table manners can be as easy as teaching professional etiquette.

You might find some of this of interest to you too (smile).

Our visitors have been valuable contributors to the views expressed on these pages.

With our Social Skills Curriculum, table manners and other social skills can be developed with ease.

To teach children etiquette, you have to find the commonality between children and manners.

Spring is upon us, Easter is coming soon, and baseball season is about to begin here in the U. It is the time of year many people wear all sorts of hats, until winter hats are again needed. These findings make total sense to me.] During a Pledge or National Anthem: Another major peeve of mine is how men and women don’t take off their hats and caps during the playing of a national anthem. During a Prayer at a Ceremony or Event: Display your respect and take off your hat.

Actually, this topic has been on my mind for months, waiting for just the right month to do it, and here it is! how can I say this nicely without yelling in all capital letters: Not in restaurants, in someone’s home, at the dining table, at church, a funeral, in a classroom, in a museum, at a movie or performance theatre… There is absolutely no purpose to keeping your hat on… Regardless of which country’s anthem is played, hats must come off, period. In Places of Worship: Some places of worship require head coverings for both men and women, such as Muslim mosques and Sikh temples.

This is an active site, it is growing all the time and with your help it will become even more relevant to our community.

This simple, straightforward easy to read guide to community matters, manners and etiquette will help us to learn the basics in order to live in harmony and socialise future generations. Use the alphabetical index above to zoom to information and help on the topics below ranging from Kids Manners to Wedding Etiquette; from Telephone and Business Etiquette to Neighbourhood Etiquette and much more.

You will find that with our social skills curriculum, it can be easy to cultivate manners in children.

Your child will learn skills that will impact them scholastically, socially and even into their professional life.