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As he cracked open a mediocre bottle of wine (a gift from his landlord) and as we shared the most tasteless bowl of rigatoni I’d ever concocted, I thought: we may not cook well together, but is what I want. As we put away the dishes, he told me he couldn’t see an ending for us. (Spoiler alert: we broke up 6 months later.) These are the kind of tender moments from relationships past that I bury in the recesses of my memory as I move further away from them, both chronologically and emotionally.Two years later, and a few hours after diner at a friend’s flat, these vignettes, and ones like them, resurfaced. On August 1st everyone will gather on Bridge Street in Sackville for another full weekend of your favourite music. I’m also organizing myself to start a booking agency here on the East Coast. I help co-founders and ex-festival directors, Paul Henderson and Jon Claytor, run a pub in town called Thunder & Lightning.Shotgun Jimmie came to play a few songs for my class and told us all about the festival.I emailed Paul, the director at the time, and insisted that I get involved somehow.

They also claim they will prosecute any members who are married and claim to be single.

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I also enjoy reading/writing stories where Jason & Chloe become a couple though I'd never have wanted that on the show (I was/am 100 per cent Mason & 100 per cent Broe fan for on the show).

From 2002 - present I gradually watched less often and then I completely tuned out when Brady & Chloe divorced and Chloe and Lucas were paired (I am Broe and Lumi loyal.). = best English international forum to express love for Su Jusujuyaoi.= best English yaoi friendly Su Ju best Canadian English fan Su Ju forum I have written 7 non-DOOL related fics: Insatiable, Fast and Hard, His Angel, Forbidden Things, Rinoa's Pleasurer, Synopsis of FF8 Ending, and Sweet Nothing. I've also written 2 poems one is from Brady's POV and it's called This Is It.

Paul and Jon came up with the idea to create a coffee table book highlighting the last eight years of the festival.

They both had decided it was going to be their last festival before it happened but stuck around to raise the money and create the book, Sappy Forever. We pre-sold over 250 copies and set out on a tour from Halifax to Toronto to throw shows and deliver the books.

Over a home-cooked meal of a different nature we had talked about what constituted a “grown-up” relationship, and what he wanted/was ready for now — he painted a rather domestic scene of shared nights in, conversation exchanged over a bottle of wine, etc. In my experience, most of the men I dated moved from going out to staying in as soon as I gave his apartment a passing mark.

For me, this turn inward was often a point of contention. Personal space and alone time are precious, not commodities, but necessities for me.

I have been on the the Fan Fiction scene since Sept 16th, 2001 although I took a break from both writing and reading in 2005 until very recently. The couples I favored on the show are as follows: Brady & Chloe, Steve & Kayla, Craig & Nancy, Lucas & Sami, Bo & Hope, Jack & Jen, Jason & Mimi, Philip & Belle.

I was an avid Days Of Our Lives fan from 1981-2002.